Young minds developing new 3G Apps!

Hello there friends-

There’s a competition, built around Apple’s iPhone 3G, that will reward the best applications designed and implemented by teams of students from several sponsoring schools.

The teams with the best ideas have the opportunity to pitch their iPhone 3G App ideas, can possibly land $$$ in development funding and will also have the opportunity to win a trip to Cupertino!

The best Apps will hopefully go public soon! This entire competition is being put on by the Reynolds Journalism Institute, Apple Inc, and AT&T.

How do we fit into this scenario? Well, we’ve opted to sponsor one team and the lead is Mike Daly who’s the President of the Mizzou Game Design Club. Mike pitched his 3G App idea to me (which is going to be AWESOME by the way) and he’s currently in the development stages of his App. I’m really excited for his team and of course we’re wishing him the best of luck (and we want him to WIN!). He’s making a few presentations to his Computer Science Department and another for the School of Journalism and we’re excited to review his progress.

Within the next month or two, Mike will post a few screenshots of his development and don’t be surprised if you get a glimpse of our Mission Repair logo in there (I’m hoping for a really cool presence). I wish I could tell you more, but I can’t spoil the surprise yet. I promised not to say anything until he’s ready!

Ok, that’s it for now. Mike, good luck to your team, all of us here at Mission Repair are on your side. Let me know if there’s anything else we can do for you.

Take care, Ryan

Will it blend? Well, it cracks!

Hello there,

I just had to shoot a quick blog about this. We received this customer iPhone 3G in for repair and it’s by far the worst cracked digitizer that I’ve seen. I mean, this thing must have slid on the pavement or something.

iPhone with "micro" breakage!

Just had to share. It’s an impressive break. The even more impressive part? The phone still works! All it needed was our 24 hour digitizer glass screen repair and this customer is back in the chat.

OK, that’s all, see ya! Ryan