Price Drop: MacBook Pro 15″ RETINA DISPLAY Glass and LCD Repair!

Hello M:R Nation –

Great news has just came across my desk this morning!  We have received a gigantic price break on our 15″ retina displays! This means only one thing… A lower price for you! When we set out to offer a repair service, we never intend for our price to stay the same for very long. We constantly look for better prices from our vendors and factories so we can ease the pain of repairing something that you most likely just purchased.



This most recent price drop is significant. We have been able to save you $100 on this service! The $399 we are charging for this service is a far cry from the $900 plus that other service centers are charging and the $2,000 you would be spending on a new computer. So, in the spirit of keeping this short and simple, below is the direct link you need to get your repair started online.

MacBook Pro 15" RETINA DISPLAY Glass and LCD Repair
MacBook Pro 15″ RETINA DISPLAY Glass and LCD Repair
WAS: $499.00
NOW: $399.00

Cracked Glass? Glass Panel and LCD Repair on 15″ MacBook Pro Unibody Retina Display offered by Mission Repair.

Remember, we love to talk, so if you don’t feel like interacting with that broken screen, give us a call at 866-638-8402 and let us help you get your repair started!

Cheers, Troy

iPhone 3G Digitizer and Glass Kits with installation adhesive strips in stock!

Hello all, it’s Friday afternoon already? No time no bloggy.

I just fired off a couple of press releases announcing our December Sale Pricing on MacBook LCD Screen Repairs, 15″ MacBook Pro LCD Screen Repairs, and 17″ MacBook Pro Screen Repairs all discounted through December! Prices will change back to normal in 2009!

And on another popular front, we’re selling the daylights out of our 3G iPhone Digitizer/Glass Replacement kits. What makes our kits so special is that we have the adhesive strips that are professionally cut to make the installation of a new glass panel easy and clean. Don’t install a new glass panel with glue! It can seep into your home button and then you’re in big trouble. Trust me, the home buttons are very hard to get a hold of.

Check them out, tell your friend about us (you know, the guy that broke his iPhone glass) and we’ll save the day.

OK, the Christmas parties are starting tonight, and I think that I’m booked through the end of the year. Our company Christmas party is coming up too and we’re getting excited. Remember, yesterday marked “3 weeks till Christmas” so get to the store now and get your shopping done!

Take care, have a great weekend! Ryan