Football season has arrived!

Hello everyone, it appears that we are in for some real fun this week as the the NFL season starts tomorrow!  I can’t believe that another week is in the books and we’re heading into a great game with the Steelers and the Patriots tomorrow evening.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 10.43.15 PM

I know, it still seems early to me, but the NFL preseason games are over! This is an awesome time of the year for us because we have a good group of football fans at Mission Repair, and I usually sneak out with a few employees for some tailgating here in Kansas City, Denver, and we’ve even travelled to California to see a game or two.

Dandra sees these weekends as “the days that we get to eat cheese dip”, but I like to think that I’m more of a true football fan than her. Don’t get me wrong, I love cheese dip…as long as it comes with some professional hits, runs, tackles and touchdowns.  And some chips 😉

To all of those that are in fantasy leagues: Best of luck. I needed to stop playing fantasy football for two reasons:

1. I was distracted by the fantasy play. It took me away from the games that I really wanted to watch and I was focusing on the wrong parts of what was really important to me.
2. I never won 😉

So I’m back in “couch potato” mode on Sundays for a while…unless of course I need to be at the office to help repair the stacks of laptops we have in the repair queue. I better assist tomorrow through Saturday…I need this Sunday off!

Good luck, and happy NFL 2015!


Macbook Air Screen Repair = Huge Price Drop!

Hello MR Nation –

We have some great news to share with the world today! Our 11″ and 13″ Macbook Air screen repair services are coming down in price! For quite some time Mission Repair has been the go to facility to repair the 11″ and 13″ Macbook Airs. We were the very first to offer this service and while others were chasing down the information to just figure out how to repair these things, we were working on lowering the price.

After many price shifts, we are now getting to the price that we would feel comfortable paying ourselves if we were personally paying for these services. Have a look at where I’m heading with this.

Glossy 11″ MacBook Air LCD Screen Repair  Our New Price: $249  vs Average Competitor Price: $299

Matte 11″ MacBook Air LCD Screen Repair   Our New Price: $249  vs Average Competitor Price: $329

Glossy 13″ MacBook Air LCD Screen Repair Our New Price: $289  vs Average Competitor Price: $369

Matte 13″ MacBook Air LCD Screen Repair  Our New Price: $289  vs Average Competitor Price: $369


Not a great thing to wake up to….

Now, I’m no mathematician, but we seem like the obvious choice over our competitors. Not only are we offering you the best price you will find, but we also have our world famous GotRepair benefit attached to these services! You already know that you can crack the screen on your Macbook Air… You are already considering repairing this… With Mission Repair, if you repair it with us and you happen to crack it again, you will never pay full price… ever!!!

Something else to keep in the front of your mind is our free shipping. This awesome perk is not just for the iPhone or Samsung customers. We offer this for all of our repairs!

So I hope I have made a compelling case to use Mission Repair for your Macbook Air servicing needs. We only want the best for you and as self-absorbed as it sounds, we know Mission Repair is the best choice for you ;-).

Cheers, Troy!