What a weekend! I feel very lucky.

Hello everyone- here’s my weekend in a Nutshell:

My son Casey and tailgating VIP style in the Fox 101 tent last Sunday!

My son Casey and I tailgating VIP style in the Fox 101 tent last Sunday!

1. Spoke to some old friends – Nolan and Paige, then made off the cuff plans to visit Grenada in the summer 2014. Where’s Grenada again?
2. Spent an evening at the Melting Pot with some awesome new friends Tony and Amy laughing and eating cheese and chocolate until I needed to “upgrade” my pant size 😉
3. Saturday went to the Topeka Zoo to visit with Family. Chase, Tara, Lori, baby Lily and baby Emma. Awesome lunch together!
4. After procuring some Halloween costumes, went with my great friends Darrin and Melanie to a Halloween party Saturday night. Spooky times!
5. Woke up Sunday morning, got my son Casey out of bed and picked up Tony and his daughter Abby and headed to a tailgating party at Arrowhead Stadium then went to the Chiefs game.
6. Visited with Tony and Amy Sunday evening watching some other football until it was time to get back home and have dinner.
7. Did laundry late Sunday night. Sorry Casey, you can use the washer and dryer later today!

I’m not gonna lie to you it was a great weekend. Truthfully, my Friday last week at work was a bit hectic and I left in a pretty poor mood. After spending most of the weekend with my very best friends, it was uplifting and rewarding- even though I haven’t slept much. Sleep is for the weak, right?

Well, as we approach the Holiday Season in 2013 I’m personally going to vow to spend more time with family and friends. I mean without them, what’s left? Not much.

So watch for some fantastic deals that revolve around family and friends here at Mission Repair. We are a very “family oriented” business and want you to be involved as well. Did you see the amazing “Monster Monday” special that Troy posted earlier today? That says it all. I’ll be back soon with some more fantastic deals at Mission Repair.

Take care, Ryan

P.S. I’m going to sleep like a baby tonight 😉

Wii repairs – we repair.

Hello everyone,

We’ve just received a batch of inventory for Wii repairs and they are really starting to flow into our service center. If you have a failing Wii game console – never fear, Mission Repair is here! It’s unbelievable how many of these disc drives are failing in the market; and how many we are getting in for repair.

photo 3

It’s the laser that is the issue and it commonly fails as Jake is pointing out here. It’s ok, there are different revisions of the laser assembly, but we have them in stock here at Mission Repair on a consistent basis. My techs are fast at the service and will be happy to get your repair done the same day if you’d like to drop it off in the morning we’ll have it ready for you later in the afternoon!

OK, we’re so happy with the progress of the business and I have more great news on a completely new product service line that I’ll announce shortly. Have a great Wednesday!


Which system is better…Xbox or PS3? Well, there’s no debate on where to go for repair.

Hello everyone,

Did you know that Mission Repair is the place for Gaming Console repairs? That’s right.

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 11.49.35 AM

We service the Xbox 360, Xbox 360 Slim, PS3, PS3 Slim and Nintendo Wii units…and we are repairing:

  • Dirty disc errors.
  • Games crashing half way through due to reading problems.
  • Discs sometimes loading, and sometimes not being recognized.
  • OPEN TRAY Error.
  • Glitching FMV or slow loading games (some games are just slow, its normal so be patient).
  • Movies jumping and skipping.

So now you know there’s no reason to junk that old unit that’s been giving you troubles. It’s cheaper to have it repaired than buy new! (or better than waiting for Christmas to come around and hoping that there’s a new one under the tree for you) Mission Repair has the parts in stock and the ability to get you back in the game!

Speaking of games, are you watching any football this weekend? I’m going to watch some live and in person, maybe I’ll see you out tailgating!!

Take care, Ryan