We’re offering overtime to our technicians!

Hello all, this CYBER WEEK has been amazing. We received a record number of orders on Cyber Monday. . .and then again a record number of orders on Cyber Tuesday. I’m continually amazed by the amount of response that we get from my blog postings – thanks so much for reading the Mission Repair Blog!

Well I want to put your mind at ease. . .we’ve hired 4 new employees within the last couple of weeks and I’m offering overtime to all of my technicians so we can stay on top of our service. In fact, we’ve come up with a new management style and management philosophy here at Mission Repair and this picture speaks for itself:

Hey, I was hoping to get a pretty good laugh from this 😉 Get it, we are hand cuffing the technicians to the tech bench? OK, it’s not completely true, because they get time off for good behavior as a benefit!

On a serious note we are rocking over here and I am just kidding of course Jake is not really cuffed to the desk. . .however I bet that he “feels” that he is. Confidence is high and we’re in the thick of it. I’ll talk to you again soon!

Best, Ryan

Who puts LIFETIME replacement benefits on hard drive installations? Mission Repair!

Good morning everyone, we’re on top of game here at Mission Repair. We’re tightening up our processes, adding new value and employees. More on all of that later. . .

Today, I am pleased to announce that to all of our Mac and PC laptop hard drive upgrades we have added the “Got Repair” benefits which COST YOU NOTHING when you have your new hard drive installed with us. What does this mean for you?

Well, each of these repairs comes with our standard 1 year warranty. If there is any issue with the drive or installation within a year, we’ll fix it under our normal “exceptional” warranty. Here’s the kicker:

If there is ever any issue with the hard drive that we installed in the future and as many times as needed, we will replace that drive under our “Got Repair” benefits. . .FOREVER.

There’s not another service center in the world that is offering these benefits to their customers. What kind of value does this add? It’s the icing on the cake. Couple that up with the best hard drive pricing in the industry, with the fastest turnaround, and the best customer service there’s not a lot of reason to consider going anywhere else for your Macbook service or Windows laptop hard drive repair.

Why do I push this so much? It needs to be talked about, it’s real, and I believe in it. Period.

Thanks for everyone’s business, we’re happy to be here!


10% off your order at Mission Repair! Good through 8/21/10!

Hello everyone. . .I’ve staffed up our front office. We have new customer service representatives that are ready to expedite your order. I want to get them through their training and get as much experience as possible over the next 2 weeks-

So we’re offering 10% off of your repair, when you call in to place your repair order from Mission Repair. Just mention that you saw the “10% off blog”, and when you talk to Melissa, Jenny, Huck, Troy, Marc, or whomever else might answer the phone (including me!) we will take your order and then apply the 10% coupon code. Now’s a great time to have that iPhone cracked glass repaired or get that MacBook up and running again. 10% off your entire order doesn’t come around often, so take advantage now and help me finish up our training!

That’s it! Don’t be gentle on us, we’re ready for battle 😉 Operators are standing by and ready to save you some serious dough!

Thanks, Ryan

Lawrence Apple Users Group meeting was a success!

Hello everyone, it was a late night last night as we finished up our presentation at the Lawrence Apple Users Group Meeting that we asked to attend- as usual, I can take a short story and make it long, but the folks in attendance were absolutely awesome and posed a lot of good questions for Mission Repair. I entered the meeting with a rough draft of a plan, and ended up having a repair “contest” between two of my technicians (Jake and Brandon) to see which of them could fix an iPhone cracked glass the fastest. Brandon pulled out the victory.

Yup, that's me trying to keep my cool!

They lined up on a table and got to work. . .and as they were repairing, I spoke about the iPhone, iPad and Mission Repair. I felt pretty great about the meeting and had a wonderful time. It’s really nice to reach out to the public like that. I’ve personally been in the business since 1994 working on many Apple items and I know that there has to be something I can share 😉 I still LOVE Apple’s products. I saw some old familiar faces and met many new ones. . .it was a success and I was able to add 30 or so emails to my newsletter list.

Rumor has it that some of the video from last night will be uploaded for everyone’s enjoyment. I’m looking forward to that and I’ll post it if I see it. Thanks to Dr. Dave for the invite, it was a blast.

Thanks everyone, Ryan