Has your life flashed in front of your eyes?

I think that most of us have done it before. . .we’ve had some sort of accident that was so traumatic when we retell the story we say something like “I saw it happen in slow motion”.

It could have been knocking over a glass of milk, walking and slipping on a patch of ice, or a fender-bender in our car. It’s a common description along with “my life flashed in front of my eyes”.

Quick story- I was working on my basement last year and adding some additional circuits to my existing electrical panel. Well, I got careless after a long day of working and I got zapped. It took a minute for me to recover and a couple of chiropractic appointments later, I was all fixed up! I can clearly remember thinking a ton of things in a short amount of time. I think this could be described as “my life flashing before my eyes!”

Well, we hear this on a daily basis here at Mission Repair, and we’re sympathetic to life’s daily trials:

“I dropped my iPhone, tried to grab it and in slow motion it crashed on the cement.”

“I had my computer on the coffee and my German Shepherd walked by and knocked it off onto the tile floor with his tail.”

Your pet can do this kind of damage. Try to remember that he doesn't know any better!

“I dropped a space heater onto my computer and crushed the screen”.

“I left my iPad on top of the car and when I stopped at the corner realized that it was still up there. My whole life flashed before my eyes.”

After the immediate shock wears off, don’t panic. Just give us a call at Mission Repair: 866-638-8402. We can take care of those little hand-held devices and make you feel like you have 9 lives. We keep you up and running when otherwise you might be stuck. Can we fix that fender bender in your car? No, and we don’t clean up spilled milk either 😉

We will be happy to be your iPod, iPad, Smartphone and Laptop repair center of choice.

Take care, Ryan

Cracked MacBook Screen? Whoosh, it’s just like magic!

I got a ton of feedback on my last post about the cracked iPhone 3GS. Yes, that was a true story and that phone really did arrive at the Mission Repair shop looking just like that.

But what about a laptop? What options do you have when you drop your $1500 computer on the floor and it ends up looking like this:

If this happens to you, all is not lost!

First, you feel ill. Second, you wonder if your warranty will cover it (it won’t). Third, you blame the dog. Once you recover from the initial shock, you remember that Mission Repair charges less that a hundred bucks to make this problem go away. We rescue computers and it works like magic!

These units come into our shop and within 24 hours they go back out looking like new again. Here’s the SAME COMPUTER not 30 minutes later after taking the photo above:

Whoosh! Like magic, this MacBook Unibody glass is replaced and looking brand new again. Of course we always test our computers after we repair them, and by some good luck this customer had the Mission Repair website already pulled up in their browser 😉

All of our MacBook Unibody glass repairs are the same price = $99 installed. And if you should ever break it again, you’re in good hands – because you automatically have our GOT REPAIR program benefits that kick in on any future repairs and all you need to do is call us at 866-638-8402 and you’ll never pay $99 again. Once again, “whoosh” it’s like magic.

Thanks for reading, don’t forget that we’re the best in the business.

Have a great day, Ryan

Best MacBook Unibody Repair Service!

With all the hype about the iPad lately, don’t forget about our nationwide Mac Laptop repair program!

Our Award Winning business leads the market with full-service Macintosh Laptop repairs and we cater to all 50 states. We are centrally located in the middle of the country, and we strive for unbeatable customer service, repair capability and pricing. We tout the fastest turn-around times in the industry.

If you find yourself in need of a Unibody MacBook Repair, look no further! We here at Mission Repair have lowered our MacBook and MacBook Pro Unibody LCD Screen Repair pricing this week to astonishingly low prices.

Customers coast-to-coast utilize our exclusive 3-way shipping kit picked up and delivered by FedEx!

We offer a myriad of flat-rate iPhone Screen repair and Mac Laptop services and free diagnostics for any Apple product. We also offers iPod and iPad Repairs, MacBook, and MacBook Pro repairs, as well as a full line of cell phone services for many popular smartphones.

Thanks again for all of my new readers. The blog is really catching on lately and we appreciate all of your feedback! Have a great weekend.


New employee Avatars on the website to help your iPhone Repair!

Hello again, I’ve just been working the blogs hard today. . .I wanted to reach out and let you know that we added a cool new feature to our website to help make your customer experience more enjoyable. Keep your eyes out for avatars of our employees (including myself, of course):

Here’s my avatar on our about us page!

When you see these avatars on a specific page, it means that the page has been sponsored by that individual employee. Also, you have the opportunity to click a button and email that employee directly for expert advice, questions or ordering information. Cool? Yup! Need help with that 3GS iPhone Glass Repair? Just email Phil! Have a question about that 13″ Unibody Glass Repair? Just email Charley! Avatar like these are all over the website.

It’s just too easy.

OK, heading back to the trenches, talk to you again soon, maybe even again today!

Thanks, Ryan

1.21 Gigawatts at lunch today!

Yes, I went out for Mexican food today at one of my favorite restaurants, Chapalas. Awesome cheese dip and salsa. Yummy!

I pulled around the building looking for a parking space and what appeared before my eyes? Doc. Brown’s time machine. Yup, it was there and just arrived back from 1985!

Licence plate "88MPH"

License plate = 88MPH

The kinda strange and ironic part about it is, that, I just bought the movie “Back to the Future” and watched it with my son Casey (this was BEFORE we went the the Renaissance festival!) this weekend. He’s 12 and it was his first time seeing it. I don’t know how I’ve managed to go 12 years without seeing the movie with him but now he’s hooked!! We will most certainly look on eBay for a used copy of the second and third versions soon. He loved it as I do.

My partner, Kyle, checking out the time machine.

My partner, Kyle, checking out the time machine.

I thought that the pics were worth a quick blog. Good luck Marty!