Mission Repair is taking walk-in customers…no appointment necessary!

Hey all, yup, we love walk-in customers.  Our facility here in Olathe is equipped to handle walk-in business and our techs a “keyed in” to make walk-in business a priority!  We know that gas prices are high and we don’t want you to make multiple trips out to our shop if we can help it.  That’s why we’re performing many repairs while you wait (or while you go out and get a bite to eat).  There are times that it may take 24 hours to get to a unit (as we offer service on a first come first serviced basis) but we’ll be up front with you and give you a realistic time frame when we see you.

Stop on by and say "HI"!

Stop on by and say "HI"!

If you’d like to call in and set a time to meet, that’s no problem.  If you need us after hours, just call in and we’ll make sure that we’re here for you!  Thanks to all of our current customers and we’re looking forward to working with all of our potential customers in the future.  Please let us know how we’re doing!

As always, we are currently taking repairs in from all over the country.  If you’re not local to Kansas City, that’s no problem, we still give our “mail-in” customers the same attention as our walk-in customers!

Best, Ryan

Lower Prices on PSP LCD Screen Repairs!

Hello blog readers, another beautiful day here in Kansas City- we’ve had our share of sun and heat. We took Kyle’s ski boat out this weekend and his mother Linda, made us a gourmet lunch under the trees, lakeside. We BBQ’d outdoors for dinner and played round after round of LadderBall. Check out Ladderball, it’s totally addicting. It was yet another successful weekend of fun!

So we’ve been trucking along here at Mission Repair, and we’re busy with our PSP repair program. In fact, we’ve been able to negotiate our LCD pricing down a bit due to our bulk orders, and we’re passing the savings on to our customers. Effective today, and without the use of a coupon, our pricing is now:

$79 for PSP-1000 LCD Screen Repairs


$94 for PSP-2000 LCD Screen Repairs.

These prices include return overnight shipping and my technicians are getting the LCD’s installed the SAME DAY we receive the units, so turnaround time is virtually “NONE”. Well, it’s like 4 hours, but you get the picture! Give us a call if you’re in need of a PSP LCD Screen Repair, we are taking this service by storm!!

OK, I have to get back to work now, thanks for checking in with us and we’ll talk again soon. – Ryan