MIssion Repair plus eBay = good deals for you!

Hello everyone, we are busy at work setting up some deals on our website, and we’ve assigned two new employees (Montana and Jackie) to get parts, services and even entire whole, complete working iPhones and other smartphones onto eBay to generate some amazing auctions!

We are going to flood the auction site with Samsung parts- we have a fantastic relationship to buy OEM parts. We are using these parts in our everyday Samsung service line, repairing screens, cases, LCD’s and charging ports. Effective immediately we are adding these parts to our site and to eBay for all of the Do-It-Yourself technicians out there!

So if you’re in the spirit to repair your own Samsung Galaxy or other Samsung smartphone, visit our website or visit eBay and search for the part you’re looking for. Then peruse the sellers – you’ll Mission Repair on there with 100% positive feedback. Whether you buy from eBay or our main website, you’ll get the same fantastic service that you’ve come to know and love.

Thanks, we’ll be back soon!


It’s graduation time, let’s run a special this weekend.

Hello all,

I woke up this morning to see my son Casey off to his last day of 8th grade. He was looking happy and relaxed and excited – I can remember my last day of 8th grade as well, my last day at Sierramont Middle School in San Jose, CA. Casey will be in High School starting in the fall, it really is so true when people say “time flies”.

So I’ve got 2 graduation ceremonies to attend to this weekend along with Casey’s 8th grade “promotion” next week. It’s going to be a ton of fun and a few parties this weekend sound like just what I need!

In celebration of all the graduates out there, we’re going to run a special on all of our services this weekend through 5/25/11. 10% off our entire store. Just use the Mission Repair coupon code “grad” to watch that 10% disappear from your order. This will also take 10% off of your shipping charges as well- I know, Mission Repair and Got Repair already offer the best shipping prices in the industry. . .enjoy that extra little tidbit and take care of those grads!

I’ll be back soon with more goodies from Mission Repair! Ryan

Samsung Rogue Screen Repair = 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, LAUNCHED!

Hello all, I’m here to help you with ALL of your Mission Repair and Got Repair questions. Let’s ask our panel some of the important ones about our new Samsung Rogue Screen Repair Services.

Q: Does Mission Repair offer Samsung Rogue Screen Repair?
A: As of 5/11/11, yes we have the parts in stock and ready to install.

Q: Does Mission Repair carry the glass and the LCD in stock in case both are broken?
A: Yes. We’ve got both parts in stock to quickly serve our customers.

Q: Does Mission Repair offer a warranty?
A: I’m glad you asked! This is my favorite part. Yes, there is a 1 year manufacturers warranty on all screen repairs. So if there is a faulty part or failed screen within 1 year we will repair it. Additionally, these repairs include our GOT REPAIR program benefits so if you ever crack or physically damage your screen again, we’ll repair it again, forever and as many times as you want, under the Got Repair benefits.

Q: Does Mission Repair work on any other Smartphones?
A: Of course. We are the leader in phone repair including the iPhone, HTC phones, Samsung, Dell, and many more!

Q: Can I call you if I have more questions?
A: Of course. 866-638-8402 and we always answer during normal business hours!

Q: Do you ever stop typing?
A: Nope. My customers demand that I continue typing 😉 It’s my job here at Mission Repair. It might not always be what everyone wants to hear, but it’s certainly a lot of fun and necessary!

Thanks everyone, Ryan