So I’m sitting on a cruise ship and…

Hello there cruisers!

I say “cruisers” because if you’ve ever been on a cruise ship, that’s what they call you.  A crusier.  Ok, I’m good with it.

Normally when I’m on vacation I don’t really need to talk about work.  It’s a good time to decompress, forget about the normal day-to-day worries and just relax.  When we were all sitting at the dinner table, I struck up a conversation with the newlywed couple next to us.  Finally, the question of came up “what do you do?”

“I own a small business that repairs iPhones, Smartphones, tablets and computers” I said.

So he then pulls out his Sony Xperia and says “can you fix this?!?  Brilliant!


So sitting at the table I snapped this picture and told him that I’d blog about it.  Thanks Cale, after a few days on the cruise ship spending time with you and Lauren it’s now obvious that we have made some great friends.  Next time I visit Florida, I’ll bring a back glass with me and take care of that cracked component for you.  It’ll only cost you 3 mai tais 😉

So, even in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico it’s difficult to get away from the business.  I guess that’s a good problem, right?  Well, I’m back to it and I’ll be right here knocking out some more blogs (and some amazing newsletters are in the works as well!) from the comfort of my “dry land office”.  Ugh, who wouldn’t rather be working from Cozumel?

Have a good morning.  Ryan



It’s not a magic trick, it’s the Samsung Illusion glass repair. Magically.

Hello all-

Don’t laugh at me – but I like magic. It’s true. I have a few tricks that I save at the house for when the nieces come over, and I like showing them some “illusions” when I can. It makes them feel like their uncle is truly “magical”. I’ll take it 😉

Well, what we do at Mission Repair is not magic. There’s no “string attached to a rubber band that flips the coin” etc. In fact, all of our services and repairs are based in reality! No illusions here except for our next service release on the Samsung Illusion. Screen repairs are just $89 installed for a BRAND NEW SCREEN and LABOR!


OK, don’t stare at that picture for too long- it almost sent me into shock. A little “tweaky” on the eyes!

So if you know anyone that has an issue with their Samsung Illusion Smartphone – you can send them our way. We can take care of business, without a magic wand.

Thanks friends, take care, Ryan