Samsung Galaxy SIII Screens in stock!

Hello folks, it’s been a while – but we have a huge inventory of Samsung Galaxy SIII Screens in stock with more units on the way tomorrow. We’ve made a huge investment in new screen assemblies – these are OEM assemblies that have been properly sealed in a clean room manufacturing process. I say “assembly” because our parts come with a new glass panel, digitizer, LCD, sub frame, bezel, home button and all the proper cabling.

There are multiple vendors selling glass panels ALONE on eBay and Amazon…and I want to warn you that these $20 parts may seem enticing but I’m here to tell you that without the proper equipment (including an autoclave that will heat, vacuum and seal the new glass panel onto the digitizer with the proper special optical adhesive) it is IMPOSSIBLE to get an OEM factory repair with these cheap, imitation $20 parts.

We can appreciate DIY technicians.  Just be sure you know what you're getting into before you buy this part from China!

We can appreciate DIY technicians. Just be sure you know what you’re getting into before you buy this part from China!

If you don’t care about what your phone looks like after it’s repaired, then maybe this is the way you prefer to “repair” your SG3. Additionally, it can take 2 hours to perform this method of a repair. Yikes. Time is money! An ugly phone or mis-repaired phone is worth even less.

However most of Mission Repair’s customers DO care about how their phone looks. And works. And lasts.

That’s why we only use OEM assemblies that have been properly sealed and assembled from the factory. We can then simply install a new assembly while you wait and ensure a high quality repair that’s performed by the professionals in the industry. Mission Repair, the Intelligent Choice.

Do you have any questions about this repair? Email me directly. I’ll be happy to answer them in the order in which received.

Hey all, we’re still in a rainy mess here at Mission Repair but I think we might be pulling out of it. April showers bring May flowers!

Take care, Ryan

Samsung Galaxy Super Bowl Commercial!

Hello M:R Nation –

There were some pretty awesome Super Bowl commercials last night, but one stuck out more than the others for me. I would call it my second favorite commercial of the night. It was the ad that Samsung ran that kind of encompassed their Galaxy S line. They never mentioned any phone in particular, but you can see a Samsung Note II , Samsung Galaxy S III and a Samsung Tab 10.1 .

You can see Kansas City native Paul Rudd and the always funny Seth Rogen taking jabs at each other and pitching a Samsung executive some marketing material. I found this to be a great commercial based upon their dialog alone. Throw in some Samsung Galaxy products and you have me hooked.

I was hoping Apple would appear in this years line of commercials, but it seems they decided to spend their $4,000,000 elsewhere!

Cheers, Troy

Samsung Galaxy S III Glass and LCD Screen Repair!

Just a reminder, Mission Repair has the absolute best prices on Samsung Galaxy S III Glass and LCD Screen Repair services!

Cheers, Troy

Oh, The Weather Outside Is…Now Thats More Like It!

Hello M:R Nation,

In typical Kansas City fashion, we have made a 180 degree turn to blizzard like conditions in about a days time. The snow and wind have pretty much just started and will last until about 1pm and turn into mostly sunny skies…

Can you see it pelting my office window?

Can you see it pelting my office window?



Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 6.57.16 AM


I would think say its safe to say our weather in this part of the world is a cause of major emotional issues. To go from 69 and sunny to 29 and snowy/windy is certainly depressing. Mother nature really played us this time around 😉

Well, the weather might always changing, but Mission Repair is sticking by its old stubborn ways of great customer service, awesome turn around times, new services and great prices! I wish everyone form sunny Southern California to the storm filled East Coast a safe and wonderful day!

Cheers, Troy

Did You See Us?

Hello Again M:R Nation,

Over the weekend, we had 41 action news of Kansas City come by and interview Ryan about the newly instated Digital Millennium Copyright Act. This act makes it illegal to unlock your phone on your own behalf. You now must contact  your carrier to unlock your device for use on another carriers network.

Ready For My Close Up!

Ready For My Close Up!

Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, Camera, Action!

This law is set for phones that are sold from January 26th 2013 and on. So if you have a smartphone purchased before this date, unlock away! How will they monitor this? We have no clue. What will the penalty be? We have no clue. But to stay on the safe side, I would recommend going directly to your carrier for this service for the time being.

There will be many business and services effected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and we certainly feel for them. Will this Act last for a long period of time? Only time will tell, but until then, stay safe and know what the laws are when dealing with iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC EVO or any other Smartphone software!

Cheers, Troy