Where can I get my Samsung Galaxy S IV Screen repaired?

Hi friends, are you asking this question?

It’s no secret. The Samsung Galaxy S4 screens can be repaired and we are performing these services daily at Mission Repair.

How is it possible?


Well sometimes it’s like a magic show over here in our tech lab and to be honest, I don’t even know how to do this repair…I’m kind of dated when it comes to the newest products. That’s why I have Jake! And Matt. And Albert. And David. And Justin. And Matthew. And Pat. Well you get the picture…without naming every one of our technicians (sorry to those that didn’t get a mention!) we have an extensive staff of full-time technicians that actually know (better than I) how to get your Samsung Galaxy S IV back into tip-top shape. Presto-chango it’ll be back to looking new again!

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Hey everyone watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat! ūüėČ I’ll be back soon with more FANTASTIC info!!

Take care, Ryan

Goodbye July, Hello August!

Hello M:R Nation –

It has been a great month here at Mission Repair! We have released some new awesome repair services, lowered tons of prices, introduced a cool give away and even set a field on fire. I just caught myself nostalgically perusing through the July blog posts and what better time to share with you my favorite events from this past month than now? Drumroll please… Here are my top 5 events of July!

5.¬†The company picnic was a great time. We have some leftover pulled pork if you‚Äôre interested¬†ūüėȬ†– What better way can you start off your month than with a company picnic? tales of the epic hula hooping are still being shared to this day!

4. Want A Free iPod Nano?!? (Mission:Repair Facebook Giveaway) РThis is a great chance to get a FREE iPod Nano! Sign up now!!!

3.¬†Samsung Galaxy S 4¬†Repairs!¬†– This services has proven to be a much one in the USA. We have people from all over sending their Samsung GS4s for repair. We were able to significantly lower the price on this service and we couldn’t be happier to do so. We just can’t wait until the next price drop!

2. iPad Mini Glass Repair Now Only $139! РAgain, we have another epic price drop here! The iPad Mini has become a favorite amongst our technicians. Its is by no stretch an easy repair to complete, but that is why we love it. There is nothing like a mighty challenge to make your great, or in our case, 100 mighty challenges!

1.¬†Casey, call¬†911!¬†– Its not everyday that you set a field on fire… actually, I think its safe to say most of us have never done this in our lives. Well, Ryan is not most of us. He is usually writing books, making meat ball subs or setting fields on fire. That is just what he does. I was actually able to personally gain from this. After that field went up in flames, Casey and Ryan wanted nothing to do with fire works and called me over to take the rest. Lets just say I have a good time with those leftovers. Thanks guys!


Please be good to us!

I hope everyone has enjoyed July as much as we at Mission Repair have. We welcome a new month and a whole new set of challenges, stories and fires ūüėČ

Cheers, Troy

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Repairs!

Hello M:R Nation –

Now that the 4th of July is in our rearview mirrors, we can turn our attention to what we do best… Saving you money! Mission Repair has been known to be tough with our vendors when it comes to quality and pricing. We have been successful through the years because of our attention to detail to the quality of parts that we provide our loyal customers.

Once we know the quality is there, we  turn our attention to pricing. Mission Repair has been able to provide some of the best prices on the market for years now solely due to our awesome purchasing department. They work hard on getting the best price, so we can offer the best price!

Do you have a GS4 that looks like this?

With that said, we have done it again here at Mission Repair, a negotiation for the ages if you will. We were able to talk down our vendors on the Samsung Galaxy S 4 screens and we have passed 100% of that savings on to you! What was once $449, has now been shattered to a more manageable $249! No, your eyes do not deceive you, that is a savings of $200.00!

This savings starts today and is here to stay. So if you have a broken Samsung Galaxy S IV and are tired of cutting your fingers on the cracked glass, give us at Mission Repair a call! The number is 866-638-8402 and we are open 7 days a week, so feel free to call whenever you please.

Cheers, Troy

New Service: Samsung Galaxy S IV Glass and LCD Screen Repair

Hello M:R Nation –

The Samsung Galaxy S III services have been a real success here at Mission Repair! We have had folks from all across the country use our services and save all kinds of dough. The key to that people, is to repair! Not replace! Some of the Samsung smartphones sell for up to $1000.00 unsubsidized. What does that mean? It means that if you bought your phone yesterday and you crack it today, you are not going to pay $199 for a new phone again. You are already locked into a contract and the only solutions carriers give you is to buy a whole new unit for a ridiculous price…

With that being said, Samsung (along with every other Smartphone manufacture) doesn’t sit still for long. They have now released the Samsung Galaxy S IV and I am sure they are already in the final stages of the GS5. What does this mean for Mission Repair? We need to try to keep up! It can be a daunting task at times, but we are up for the challenge.

Announcing today, the Samsung Galaxy S IV (Black) Glass and LCD Screen Repair and Samsung Galaxy S IV (White) Glass and LCD Screen Repair is us doing just that. Keeping up with Samsung and giving all of you Samsung GS IV users a different solution as we have with your GSIII siblings.

The Samsung Galaxy S IV is just like the GSIII in many ways. The screen is replaced as a whole assembly. The glass and the LCD/touch screen are attached at the factory and are married for life! While some companies try to replace just the glass, the result is NEVER the same. You will have dust issued within hours and it honestly just looks bad. So please take caution when choosing a repair company other than Mission Repair.

This service is available starting today and can be ordered online or by calling one of our many customer service reps. To call, just type 866-638-8402 on your phone of choice and give us a ring!

Cheers, Troy