The buildout is on! We are expanding again.

Hello everyone, it’s time for the Mission Repair crew to get their hard hats on again.  I just signed another lease to expand again, and we’re adding another 2500 square feet to accommodate another new project.  It looks like I’ll be moving offices again as well – I know that this isn’t any big deal to you, but it’s enormous for us!


So as we get our new space ready, you might find that I’m a little less available than normal. I am trying to juggle the new space, our new employee gym that we are building (yeah that’s going to be a nice benefit!) and a new project that needs to get buttoned up. Why do you care? Well you just might hear more from my General Manager, Troy Harris here in the blog. Remember that Troy and I have been working together for many years and he’s bring some amazing new services and prices to our mix-

Did you read that we have the best price on some Samsung Repairs (like the glass on the Galaxy S3) and brand new, OEM parts in stock!! There’s a lot of talk about OEM lately and we want you to know that our Samsung parts are just that. Not copies or other 3rd party screens. This makes us feel good about the parts we are using and the value that our customers are receiving.

So if it seems that I’m a little off lately, it may just be that I’m in the back with my painting clothes on getting ready to get my hands dirty. It doesn’t mean that I don’t care, on the contrary I care about my business and my customers a great deal. I’m here and I’ll be working with Troy to keep the deals coming!!

Take care, Ryan

Cyber Monday Coupon code at Mission Repair!

Hi there, and good morning my friends. . .we are geared up, staffed up, and ready for today’s business. It’s CYBER MONDAY and it’s the busiest day of the year. Bear with us, we are answering calls in the order received and we promise to get to you shortly.

If you’d prefer to place your order online, you can use coupon code CYBER22 for a whopping 22% off of your entire order! This 22% discount is good for orders placed TODAY ONLY, 11/28/11.

Just enter the coupon code online for any of our repair services including iPod repair, iPhone repair, MacBook Repair and Cell phone repairs. This coupon will even work for our self-service repairs so if you want to buy a part, today is the day!

Visit the Mission Repair Website to get started!

Talk to you again soon, Ryan

Samsung Focus Screen Repair = Success!

Good morning internet! We announced our highly anticipated Samsung Focus screen repair service last week, and now we are starting to see these phones on a daily basis here at the Mission Repair base-

A cracked Samsung phone is just no fun to use.

After our techs work their magic, the Focus is back!

Remember, that with all of our screen repairs you receive an amazing life time warranty. This is the exclusive “Got Repair” benefits that we offer that is FREE when you use our service. It guarantees that if you ever crack or damage this same smartphone again we will fix it again under our “Got Repair” program. It’s the name of the game around here at Mission Repair and it’s the way that I’d want to be treated!

Hey, have a great day!


Got Repair benefits included with the Samsung Focus Screen Repair service!

What is the Got Repair benefit you ask?

That’s easy. It’s only the BEST warranty coverage you can get from ANY service provider. For example, we launched the Samsung Focus Screen Repair today and if you ever need to have your Samsung phone’s digitizer screen repaired with us (or most other cell phones, iPhones, iPads, iPods, etc.) you are automatically included into our Got Repair program!

Got Repair benefits are amazing!

GOT REPAIR means that you’re covered. If you then ever drop your phone, step on it, crack the screen – just call us up, we’ll look up your information in our database and repair that screen again for you. This means that you NEVER HAVE TO PAY FULL PRICE AGAIN. Forever, and for as many times as you need!

This is the basis of the GOT REPAIR program and we’re happy to be there for you, forever.

Take care, Ryan

Samsung Focus Screen Repairs = Now at Mission Repair!

Hello all, we’ve been on the move adding many new services to the Mission Repair lineup and if you really stop and take a look at the depth of our cell phone line, you’ll be surprised to see hundreds of services to help our customers.

Today we announced a new service for the Samsung Focus Screen Repair and many other repairs per popular demand.

The Samsung Focus is a super-sleek bar phone with crisp brilliant display screen. The super AMOLED screen gives you a razor sharp, cinema quality image. It makes surfing the web and reading texts much easier in bright sunlight. The brilliant display allows you to quickly access the information most important to you with Live Tiles on your start screen.

The problem arises that if the screen is ever broken or cracked it can render the cool new phone totally useless and this is where Mission Repair steps in to take over! As usual this repair comes with our Got Repair benefit that means after you have it repaired if you ever break it again, we’ll repair it again under our Got Repair program!

Thanks for continuing to stop by. We had a record month last month, and May is already starting out ahead of schedule. I owe this to our loyal dedication to customer service and our many happy customers!

I’ll be back soon, Ryan