The truth about MacBook Pro Keyboard Repairs.

Hello there friends,

We get calls at Mission Repair constantly for MacBook Pro Repairs; it’s something that we’ve been doing for 8 years, and I’ve been personally working on Macs for about 19 years. I can attest that the newer the Mac, the harder they are becoming to service.

For example:

We replace keyboards on MacBook Pro laptops. If you’ve ever seen one, or ever used one, you may notice the the keyboard is mounted from under the palmrest, which is different than most PC laptops. Most “Windows Machines” have keyboards that are mounted from the top and can simply be replaced with a couple of screw turns and a cable.

Not on some MacBook Pro computers. In fact, here’s the pile of miniature screws that need to be removed just to simply remove the keyboard from the laptop:

IMG_2547 (1)

Somewhere near 60 screws. Plus, you can only get to it by removing the bottom case, hard drive, optical drive, logic board, battery all related cabling and some brackets. I’ve heard some of my technicians stating that it’s taken them 1.5 hours, but I did it in 47 minutes start to finish. Now, we don’t charge much for this repair and I wanted to share that this is not an easy task, but as a technician “too many screws” just can’t be in our vocabulary! We may think that “this is all screwed up”, or sometimes we might want to say “screw this”, but those are all just jokes!

A bit of advice: don’t spill anything on your keyboard, you can avoid the repair altogether!

Take care, Ryan

Fruity Pebbles Marshmallow Crispies? The jury is still out.

Good afternoon,

It’s been a few weeks of my son telling me that “rice crispy treats made with fruity pebbles is way better that the original” – he even went so far as to buy the marshmallows and fruity pebbles, which he kindly left for me in the pantry to make. Listen dude, this is probably the easiest thing to make short of making home made ice cubes. If you need the recipe for ice cubes, just let me know 😉

So I made them:

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 11.35.00 AM

I can see the appeal. Visually, I give them an A+ and they even smell great. But I don’t know if it’s because I was brought up on the true original “rice crispy treat” or what, but these things are just too sweet for me and I couldn’t really even eat one.

The addition of the sugary “fruity” cereal just made my teeth hurt thinking about it, and made my not hungry for more. They are a solid C-

So I have to veto these in the Arter house, I’m not into just some “low average” treats around here. I mean that if Im going to indulge in some calories, I want to make them count. Casey, when you move out soon to your own apartment, you can make as many batches of these as you want. But when you want to come back from the dark side, just stop by ‘Ole Dad’s House for a real treat. A Rice Crispy Treat…you can’t mess with perfection. Unless you add some peanut butter to your Rice Crispy Treats, then it’s OK to mess with them 😉

Happy snacking. Ryan

My mind says “yes”…but my body says…

Good morning everyone,

It’s been 5 long days for me. Last Friday night, while goofing around and I was running I heard a pop, and felt like someone shot me in the calf muscle with a rifle.

I was down for the count.

Finally on Monday I made it to the doctor. An orthopedic doctor to be exact, and he said that I ruptured my calf muscle (there’s a technical term for it, but I don’t know it!) and he prescribed an “air cast” for it!


So I was fitted with this new “device”, given a set of crutches, and sent on my way. At least I can take it off for a shower!


1. This most commonly happens in men ages 35-50. Check.
2. I’m not supposed to walk on it for 2 more days. I don’t think I’m going to be able to handle that.
3. I got the air cast from the doctor. I asked him how much it was, he said it would be $151 and most likely my insurance wouldn’t cover it. I got home and looked up the model number and found the EXACT SAME APPARATUS ON EBAY FOR $39…SHIPPED! So patient beware! Is our health care system corrupt? You be the judge.

So I’ve got a few more days of working from home, and in fact I haven’t been working much at all. Just laying around trying to get comfortable. Today is much better for me and I’ll make it…working from home that is 😉

Take care and be sure to stretch before you run. Especially if you’re a 35-50 year old male!


One Million Blog Reads – it’s just around the corner!

Good morning, thanks for checking out the blog today!

Actually the number ONE MILLION is becoming part of a HUGE Mission Repair Celebration that’s soon to come. When we reach ONE MILLION unique Blog Readers (just like you); we are all going to party. As of today:

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 10.08.37 AM

We are finalaizing preparations now for the biggest discounts that you’ve ever seen, and we will have lots of fun at each of our locations on this momentus day. I have so many stats, so much data, and have had so much fun being a professional blogger that it’s really exciting to know that soon my blog will reach the 1 Million mark and I’m just going to share my excitement and thanks to everyone.

I’ve been asked many times “do you ever get writers block?” Heck yeah I do. Also, “how did you start your blog?”

That second question is simple. Create a blog on a free blog site, name it, and start typing. In fact, I follow several blogs including past Mission Repair customers, vendors, and others that I just admire. If you’ve got a blog that you author or if I can help you get started on your own blog, let me know and I’ll be happy to be a part of your blog circle. Just reply to post in the comments section and I’m there!

So the big day is coming…the “Mission Repair Million Celebration”…we get about 10,000 new readers each month, so at this pace sometime in October we should be there as I calculated earlier in the year. It will happen when it happens, but rest assured that I’ll be right here to share in the big day.

Thanks for reading, Ryan