We’re offering overtime to our technicians!

Hello all, this CYBER WEEK has been amazing. We received a record number of orders on Cyber Monday. . .and then again a record number of orders on Cyber Tuesday. I’m continually amazed by the amount of response that we get from my blog postings – thanks so much for reading the Mission Repair Blog!

Well I want to put your mind at ease. . .we’ve hired 4 new employees within the last couple of weeks and I’m offering overtime to all of my technicians so we can stay on top of our service. In fact, we’ve come up with a new management style and management philosophy here at Mission Repair and this picture speaks for itself:

Hey, I was hoping to get a pretty good laugh from this 😉 Get it, we are hand cuffing the technicians to the tech bench? OK, it’s not completely true, because they get time off for good behavior as a benefit!

On a serious note we are rocking over here and I am just kidding of course Jake is not really cuffed to the desk. . .however I bet that he “feels” that he is. Confidence is high and we’re in the thick of it. I’ll talk to you again soon!

Best, Ryan

Operation:Education. Mission Repair is giving back to America’s Schools!

Hello everyone! This is the big one, we’ve got our newest program in place! Remember this:

Mission Repair's Operation:Education Program!

Mission Repair's Operation:Education Program!

You heard it here first, but it’s going to hit the public eye here next week. I’m so excited that I HAD to let out a quick blog. We here at Mission Repair are teaming up with the Nation’s public school system by partnering in a beneficial program designed by us to assist the schools.

Here’s the background:

We repair iPods, iPhones, MacBooks, Cell Phones, and more. You know this, it’s nothing new. I was at my daughter’s school and was talking with the Principal who’s a great guy. He mentioned that he just received his 2010 budget cutbacks and that my school district’s budget was cut by more than $800,000. I was shocked!

My thought process continued. . .”I’m already repairing iPods, iPhones and MacBooks for students and parents and schools all over the country. How can our business help this economic situation?” It hit me. I want to donate back to the schools, and specifically, I want to work with the schools so they get a check proportionate to the amount of business we receive from it’s students and their families- the more they promote it, the more visits we’ll get the more we’ll donate. All I need to do is ask the schools to ask the students (and parents) to visit us and we’ll somehow have to figure out how to track it.

This has been a painstaking process, but it’s done! We have a sophisticated system in place. It’s ready. We have begun enrolling schools and they are sending repairs our way. Well, we were already getting the business, but now we’re giving back to the schools for the “help”. We are donating up to 10% of the total gross sales accumulated from referrals each quarter. It’s now our obligation and mission, here at Mission Repair.

Mission Repair’s Operation:Education Program is here. We’ll donate to your school and it’s a painless fundraiser. If you’d like to get your school signed up, you can start here:


There’s no obligation, nothing will be billed to the school and we’ll be happy to send your school a check for referrals. It’s a long lasting relationship!

If you have any questions (as you may have), feel free to send us an email!

OK, gotta run and finish a few more announcements. I’ll be back soon with the “official” word when it hits the rest of the country!

Thanks for your continued support, Ryan

Mission Repair is Accredited by the Better Business Bureau!

Hello there, we just got our packet in the mail and Mission Repair in Kansas City has been accepted and accredited with the Greater Kansas City Better Business Bureau!  This is exciting news for all of us here at Mission Repair and we’re happy to report that we’ll remain an outstanding member and we promise to uphold our commitments to the BBB and our customers!

It’s just one more “piece of mind” when shopping for iPod, iPhone, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Cell Phone or other electronic device service or repair.  Mission Repair is here to maintain a positive track record and the BBB is here to support our claims!

Thank you for considering Mission Repair, we’re thrilled to support your failing electronic device.  Don’t forget that we’re launching several new programs within the next couple of months so check back often to find out what new service might be a great fit for you!

Take care, Ryan

Lower Prices on PSP LCD Screen Repairs!

Hello blog readers, another beautiful day here in Kansas City- we’ve had our share of sun and heat. We took Kyle’s ski boat out this weekend and his mother Linda, made us a gourmet lunch under the trees, lakeside. We BBQ’d outdoors for dinner and played round after round of LadderBall. Check out Ladderball, it’s totally addicting. It was yet another successful weekend of fun!

So we’ve been trucking along here at Mission Repair, and we’re busy with our PSP repair program. In fact, we’ve been able to negotiate our LCD pricing down a bit due to our bulk orders, and we’re passing the savings on to our customers. Effective today, and without the use of a coupon, our pricing is now:

$79 for PSP-1000 LCD Screen Repairs


$94 for PSP-2000 LCD Screen Repairs.

These prices include return overnight shipping and my technicians are getting the LCD’s installed the SAME DAY we receive the units, so turnaround time is virtually “NONE”. Well, it’s like 4 hours, but you get the picture! Give us a call if you’re in need of a PSP LCD Screen Repair, we are taking this service by storm!!

OK, I have to get back to work now, thanks for checking in with us and we’ll talk again soon. – Ryan

Happy 4th of July Break from Mission Repair!

Hello readers, thanks for checking back with us. Our blog is getting great response and we’re happy to fill you in on our adventures. Just for your information, we are closed tomorrow in observance of Independence Day.

We’ve been swamped over here at Mission Repair. We were thinking that this week before the holiday would be a little slower as people pack up and head out of town. In fact it’s been just the opposite. We are swimming in PSPs and iPods. Wait, I think that I get it. Customers need these repaired to keep the kids busy on that long road trip! Thank goodness for hand-help portable devices, or else we’d all have to go back to playing “I SPY” in the car. (Actually, I still do that with my kids!)

In fact, this weekend, we’re not going anywhere. We had plans to leave town, but frankly I need to “reset” myself by staying at home for a few days. Tomorrow on the 4th, we’ll have the rest of the family over and host a big BBQ in the backyard and bring out the HD projector and inflatable screen to have an outdoor movie night. We may even bring out the Wii or XBOX 360 and stay up all night playing some outdoor video games. Sounds like an easy way to spend the evening! I’ll post some pictures of my setup next week so you can see the “Arter’s Outdoor Theatre” in action!

OK, enough blogging for now, I’m going to run a blanket special for the month of July. Just use coupon code “FIREWORKS” when you checkout online and watch 5% of your order disappear and anything you order. We ran this same discount last month and we’ve received so many requests for it again. . .so here you go! Be safe, have a great long weekend. – Ryan