“Got Repair” is rolling. What is it? Allow me to explain. . .

OK, so I had this vision a couple of months ago, trying to place myself into my customer’s shoes and “living” the customer experience.

I’m always doing this. I want to treat my customers as I want to be treated but being a business owner sometimes the “business” side of things gets in the way. Well, upon some serious reflection, I came up with:


Here’s my thought process:

1. I started Mission Repair to help customers that break their device. I mean there aren’t many good options for when a customer drops and cracks their iPhone glass. Paying $200 to the manufacturer doesn’t sound appealing, so we come in strong at $59. We do the repair in 24 hours and get the repaired device back to the customer working 100%.

2. We then offer a 1 year warranty on the glass repair. This means that if the touch functions stop working within a year we will replace that glass panel again. Awesome!

3. However we are getting many repeat customers. I mean, this is great for business, but NOT GOOD for the customer. Let’s look at this thing realistically. . .if a customer comes to Mission Repair, they have a broken device. They KNOW that it can be broken. They use our Award-Winning Services. Fantastic. But what happens if the same customer breaks the same device again? Do they have to go through the entire process again? Do they have to pay for another repair again – even if they broke it the next day after they got it back repaired from us?

This is where our exclusive “Got Repair” program comes into play. I wanted to give my customers the peace of mind when having a repair performed by us. I mean, the customer already knows that the glass can break. Then they have the unit repaired. And if the customer uses Mission Repair, and the service includes “Got Repair” benefits (at no extra charge I might add), if they drop and break the same device again, Mission Repair will repair the device again. That’s it – check out our special Got Repair website for details.

It’s all about the customer experience and the customer happiness. We want you to choose Mission Repair, and once you do you’re a customer for life. Our “Got Repair” program lasts for the life of the device and we are like your guardian angel.

The bottom line: we’ve added “Got Repair” benefits to almost 1,000 new customer orders since 3/1/11. Many customers have already exercised their benefit. It’s a no-brainer way for us to do business and we want to be friends forever.

Mission Repair, The Intelligent Choice.

Take care, Ryan

MacBook Polycarbonate Unibody (Late 2009) Matte Screen Installations!

Hello all- we now have the anti-glare option for the late 2009 Poly MacBook!

You’ve heard it from me before: We are known for our easy to use website and the MacBok Polycarbonate is a natural fit for our service line. We offer a 24-hour turn around time, however most customers have reported same-day service – which can also be guaranteed for a small additional “front of the line” fee.

The anti-glare option for the late 2009 Polycarbonate Apple MacBook is a highly desirable option and many customers prefer the matte screens versus the glossy screens that come installed from the factory. If you’ve got a MacBook with a cracked screen, that is the most opportune time to make the change – however we charge the same for either the glossy or matte versions so the choice is yours. Until now, having the anti-glare matte screen was not an option on this model!

All of these MacBook Screen Repairs are just $189 installed. Customers coast-to-coast utilize our exclusive 3-way shipping kit picked up and delivered by FedEx as an option for shipping, or customers may send their computer directly to Mission Repair using the courier of their choice. $189 includes BRAND NEW LCD panel, professional labor, and a 1 year warranty.

We continue to offer a myriad of flat-rate screen repair services and free diagnostics for many products. Need another reason to order your Matte MacBook Polycarbonate Screen Repair? Ok, how about $15 off? Just use coupon code “poly” when order the service online now until 7/4/10 at Midnight.

Thanks everyone, have a great Tuesday afternoon!