Does Mission Repair fix my tablet?

Hello friends- after taking a few calls this afternoon, it’s obvious that we need to talk about the extensive line card we offer.

I mean, we’re not just an Apple repair center. Yes, it’s true that we do repair a full line of Apple and Mac products and we love to service the Apple line; every day we receive referrals from our local Apple stores and we feel like we’re an integral part of keeping thousands of Apple products alive each month. However there are so many different manufacturers and brands that we service sometimes it’s hard to keep up, I know!

Apple repair center

What we can do is keep reaching out to our customers to tell you about all of the different products we service. Why is this important? Well I know for a fact that we aren’t reaching even a fraction of the demand that out there because on a minute-to-minute basis we hear “Hello there! Do you repair my model of tablet?”

In most cases, the answer is YES! We service Apple iPads PLUS Iconia tablets, Eee Pad Tablets, Kindle Tablets, Samsung Galaxy Tablets, Galaxy Note Tablets, Xoom, Jetstream, Flyer, Playbook, and Kurio. Microsoft Surface tablets? Yes! Toshiba tablets? Yes! Getting the idea?

We are not just an Apple Service Center. Another great thing about Mission Repair? If you DON’T see your device listed, give us a call and we’ll find a solution for you if possible. We don’t want to tell you “no” if it’s possible to give you a “yes”.

Thanks friends, I’ll be back soon.


Nook Color Screen Repair? Yeah, We Do That!

Hello M:R Nation –

Did you know that we service the Barns & Noble Nook Color? Yes its true! We have had many success stories over the last year with this service and I wanted to share our latest story with you if you don’t mind.

Dear Mission Repair,

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the amazing job you did on my nook! I was nervous to send it off, but I am sure glad I did. Not only did you guys communicate with me through the whole process (which put me as ease), but you had it repaired and back to me in a matter of days! I tried to take it to a local store and they wouldn’t be able to have it repaired for 2 weeks because they didn’t have the part. I will recommend you to all of my friends and enemies alike! 

p.s. one more big THANK YOU! 

Alice in New York

Nook Color repair, Mission Repair, Cracked nook screen

Nook Color Repaired!

Don’t take it from me, take it from Alice in New York, we will have your Nook Color repaired and back in your hands in no time. When repairing the Nook Color screen for you, not only do we replace the LCD and Glass, we also throw on a brand new bezel as well. So if you have any pesky scratches that you can’t stand to look at, don’t worry… we will take care of it for you!

If you are interested in finding out more information on this service or are ready to have us repair it for you, click this link: Nook Color Front Glass Screen Repair Service and enjoy! As always, give us a call at 866-638-8402 if you have any questions and let us try make you as happy as Alice in New York!

Cheers, Troy

Nook Color Screen Repairs announced!

Hello everyone, we are adding another service to our lineup of amazing offerings today-

Now we’ve got the Nook Color Screens in stock, and we are performing Nook Color Screen Repair services effective immediately!

This device works much better with a repaired screen!

Let’s say you just bought that Nook Color tablet and it cost you somewhere in the $250 price range and you drop it – smash! – you peer down at your new gadget that is no longer fun to look at – and the screen is smashed. A lot of people are unlocking these units to be full-android capable as well, they are very cool!

Wouldn’t it be great if that triggered an app to pop up on your screen to say “It’s OK, just call Mission Repair!”. Yeah, well that’s my fantasy anyway 😉

Regardless, there’s nowhere else you’re going to get this repair, complete with OEM parts, an amazing warranty and our exclusive “Got Repair” benefits (that cover you if you break it again!) all completed within 24 hours. Or even while you wait if you stop by our office!

That’s the Mission Repair difference…we provide services that the competition can’t. We’ll take care of ya.

Have a great Wednesday, Ryan