What a weekend! I feel very lucky.

Hello everyone- here’s my weekend in a Nutshell:

My son Casey and tailgating VIP style in the Fox 101 tent last Sunday!

My son Casey and I tailgating VIP style in the Fox 101 tent last Sunday!

1. Spoke to some old friends – Nolan and Paige, then made off the cuff plans to visit Grenada in the summer 2014. Where’s Grenada again?
2. Spent an evening at the Melting Pot with some awesome new friends Tony and Amy laughing and eating cheese and chocolate until I needed to “upgrade” my pant size ūüėČ
3. Saturday went to the Topeka Zoo to visit with Family. Chase, Tara, Lori, baby Lily and baby Emma. Awesome lunch together!
4. After procuring some Halloween costumes, went with my great friends Darrin and Melanie to a Halloween party Saturday night. Spooky times!
5. Woke up Sunday morning, got my son Casey out of bed and picked up Tony and his daughter Abby and headed to a tailgating party at Arrowhead Stadium then went to the Chiefs game.
6. Visited with Tony and Amy Sunday evening watching some other football until it was time to get back home and have dinner.
7. Did laundry late Sunday night. Sorry Casey, you can use the washer and dryer later today!

I’m not gonna lie to you it was a great weekend. Truthfully, my Friday last week at work was a bit hectic and I left in a pretty poor mood. After spending most of the weekend with my very best friends, it was uplifting and rewarding- even though I haven’t slept much. Sleep is for the weak, right?

Well, as we approach the Holiday Season in 2013 I’m personally going to vow to spend more time with family and friends. I mean without them, what’s left? Not much.

So watch for some fantastic deals that revolve around family and friends here at Mission Repair. We are a very “family oriented” business and want you to be involved as well. Did you see the amazing “Monster Monday” special that Troy posted earlier today? That says it all. I’ll be back soon with some more fantastic deals at Mission Repair.

Take care, Ryan

P.S. I’m going to sleep like a baby tonight ūüėČ

Have You Seen The New Nokia Lumia 920 Commercial?

Hello M:R Nation –

I was watching the tube last night and a new commercial for the Nokia Lumia 920 came on that I couldn’t stop rewinding! It plays on the idea that Samsung and Apple users are in an ongoing battle of smartphone superiority. I am not sure if this idea is an accurate one, but I will let that go with how funny this thing is. Watch this and get ready to laugh out loud!

Now here at Mission Repair, there is no need to fight! We love every smartphone model and user as equals. If you visit our homepage right now, you will notice the Samsung Galaxy III is this weeks featured repair! Dig a little deeper and the iPhone 5 repair services will jump right out at you! Last but certainly not least, the Nokia Lumia 920 is one of our star repair services here at Mish Reep (Short for Mission Repair).

As you can see, we are an equal opportunity smartphone repair company. We don’t buy into the Mac vs PC, Apple vs Samsung or even Nokia vs the world notion, but man alive was that a great commercial!

Cheers, Troy

Happy Friday And The Nokia Lumia 920!

Hello M:R Nation –

Well folks, its Friday once again and a beautiful one at that. While some say its the best day of the week, others say you gotta get down on it. More importantly, what Friday means means to the readers of this blog is a brand new Featured Repair!


This weeks “Featured Repair” is the Nokia Lumia 920 screen replacement¬†service! Yes, I have been talking about this service non-stop lately, but with the demand we are receiving from people on this smartphone is just keeping it front and center.

Everyone knows about the awesome design, the impressive camera and the easy to use windows 8OS. I just want to make sure everyone knows that Mission Repair is the GO TO repair center for your¬†Nokia Lumia 920 Front Glass & LCD Screen Repair¬†needs and I think I’m off to a good start. So with that, I bid you farewell for now…

Cheers, Troy

Sweet 16 Special!

Hello M:R Nation –

The sweet 16 officially starts tomorrow and like any place of employment, we at Mission Repair are running our own bracket competition. From what I’m hearing, most people have had their brackets ruined¬†due to some major upsets over the last week. We are mostly made up of KU and KState fans as both colleges are a shortish drive away from the Mission Repair headquarters and if I am going to be honest, KU is the team that I’m rooting for.

Now, I’m not going to pretend to be an expert in college basketball, but I do enjoy watching it towards the end of the season like this. Just like baseball, you won’t catch me watching until the World Series. Call me a bandwagon sports fan if you need :-).


What lack in college basketball knowledge, I make up for in “saving you cash” knowledge. Whether you are in need of a¬†iphone 4 glass replacement,¬†nexus 7 screen repair¬†or even ¬†a¬†nokia lumia 920 glass replacement¬†repairing is always the better route. It not only helps the environment, it will without a doubt save you some of your hard earned cash. With that, I would also like to extend a special Sweet 16 coupon code that will save you drumroll please…..16% off your entire purchase! You do have to do a little work to obtain this savings though. Email me at Troy@missionrepair.com and say “Save me 16%!”,I will then respond with the code for your savings pleasure! This offer expires on 3/31/13.

I wish all of you a great Wednesday!

Cheers, Troy

Nokia Lumia 920 Screen Replacement!

Hello M:R Nation –

The¬†Nokia Lumia 920 is quickly becoming a top seller of ours. People from all around are looking for this repair and a good group of you are landing right here on the Mission:Repair Blog. Well, for those of you who just landed, here is why Mission Repair is the company to repair your Nokia Lumia 920…

  • We are not new to this: Mission Repair has a staff that is well versed in what we do. We have a combined 75 years of experience in the electronics repair industry and experience is key in this industry!
  • We will always give you the best price: Mission Repair strives to pass along our savings to you. When we save you save! You can see this time and time again with our products. Not many of our prices will stay the same for a long period of time and the¬†Nokia Lumia 920 glass replacement is no exception!
  • We will always answer you: One of our pride points is our availability. We love to plaster our phone number (866-638-8402) anywhere we can, because we want to hear from you! Your comments, question and even complaints, because your feedback is what makes us better!
  • ¬†Got Repair Benefit: This is one of the most significant benefits that Mission Repair can offer. We know that you just bought your phone, we know that you also just paid to have it repaired with us. So why would we try to tag you again with a full priced repair if you are unfortunate enough to damage your phone again? We wouldn’t and we won’t! If you have your Nokia Lumia 920 repaired with Mission Repair, you will never pay full price again on any subsequent damage to that screen. Click here for details!
  • Free Shipping:¬†Mission Repair is built of people just like yourself. We know how hard times can be and this is why we started this business in the first place, to save you cash. Repairing over replacing is always the cheapest rout. So another way we found that we could help is by offering free shipping.

Now, I could continue like this for days, but I know when to stop ;-). I will however leave you with one last thing: Nokia Lumia 920 Front Glass & LCD Screen Repair a link to the repair that brought you to this page in the first place. If you decide to use Mission Repair for your Lumia 920 glass replacement, we will prove to you that those 5 bullet points above are not just empty words.


Cheers, Troy