Nokia Lumia 630 and Nokia Lumia 635 Repairs Announced!

Hello blog readers-

It’s been a hectic morning around here at Mission Repair. I’ve had a long list of meetings this morning and it’s already 11:20am…my first chance to sit down and concentrate on a blog.

Lately we’ve added a few new services, so today we’re happy to bring you the Nokia 630 and Nokia 635 Smartphone repairs – exclusively from Mission Repair. The Nokia line of phones are typically great candidates for service, and our technicians can handle a variety of issues that can arise like faulty headphone jacks, power ports, volume buttons, etc.


The Lumia 635 was built with an advanced quad core processor and moves at blazing fast speeds for a superior experience at an affordable price. A beautiful, 4.5” display is easy to read, easy to love. Showcasing all of the newest and best features in Windows Phone, enjoy countless smartphone experiences and real-time syncing, seamlessly across all screens.

Speaking of screens, this is where Mission Repair will come in. The screen on the Nokia 630 and 635 is a common repair and we offer discounts on large accounts for hospitals, schools, and businesses that are using these Nokia’s for the workforce.

Let us know if you have any issues placing your order, or if you’d simply like to call in to discuss our repair options. 866-638-8402 or if you’re in the Kansas City area, 913-948-6992.

Take care, Ryan