Meet Our Newest Employee, Chris!

IMG_5408Chris is an experienced technician that has recently joined our team, helping out in Computer and Laptop Repairs as well as iPod and iPhone repairs! Basically, he knows it all. We are excited to have him and he is already catching on to our repair process very quickly.

Chris is originally from Basehor, Kansas, is recently married and has been doing IT work for 6 years. In addition to his IT background, he recently finished Firefighting Training and is currently working towards his EMT certification. When he actually has free time – one of his hobbies are classic cars and he is the owner of a ’57 Belair. Welcome to the team Chris, we are excited to have you.

Need an iPod, iPhone or Laptop repair? Call 1-866-638-8402 to speak to a Mission:Repair representative.

We’re offering overtime to our technicians!

Hello all, this CYBER WEEK has been amazing. We received a record number of orders on Cyber Monday. . .and then again a record number of orders on Cyber Tuesday. I’m continually amazed by the amount of response that we get from my blog postings – thanks so much for reading the Mission Repair Blog!

Well I want to put your mind at ease. . .we’ve hired 4 new employees within the last couple of weeks and I’m offering overtime to all of my technicians so we can stay on top of our service. In fact, we’ve come up with a new management style and management philosophy here at Mission Repair and this picture speaks for itself:

Hey, I was hoping to get a pretty good laugh from this 😉 Get it, we are hand cuffing the technicians to the tech bench? OK, it’s not completely true, because they get time off for good behavior as a benefit!

On a serious note we are rocking over here and I am just kidding of course Jake is not really cuffed to the desk. . .however I bet that he “feels” that he is. Confidence is high and we’re in the thick of it. I’ll talk to you again soon!

Best, Ryan

Holiday Hours and Christmas Party at Mission Repair!

Hello everyone, can you feel the holiday approaching us. . .fast? I didn’t really let it register until all of the wrapped presents filled the tree last weekend at the Arter house. . .I don’t know why I waited so long but we ended up wrapping presents for several hours on Sunday. My son Casey has PLENTY and my daughter, Tayler, basically asked for cash – how do you wrap cash? In one card? Well that’s going to be a “quick” Christmas for her! Regardless, the quantity ratio is off, but it’s all about the giving right? I’m just looking forward to a couple of days off coming up and spending time with my family.

So this week is our annual company Christmas party- and we’ve reserved the Midway Showroom at Dave and Busters in Kansas City (again) for our celebration! We’ll get 30 of us together, split up into a few teams and run the gauntlet of activities they provide. They then serve us a HUGE buffet of awesome food and drinks- and we always finish with my version of a White Elephant gift exchange. It’s actually a Mission Repair “Green” Elephant – I supply all of the gifts and hand them out in a game-show type fashion. It’s a highlight for me, always brings a bunch of laughs (last year one of the gag gifts was a pair of Santa Boxers and a Santa Neck Tie, it was a “complete” outfit!) and it got passed around and exchanged a few times – it was kind of like a hot potato!

With all of these Christmas activities, it’s good to know that Mission Repair will have a few changes in our normal hours coming soon –

Mission Repair is CLOSED on December 24, 2010 and December 31, 2010.

We will be working extra hard to get all of our shipments out this week before the holiday. . .however our biggest sales day of the entire year was yesterday (except for Cyber Monday) and it’s made our operations manager Troy, a little nervous.

I’m totally confident. We’ll get the job done like we always do and we’ll be ready for 2011.

Thanks, I’ll be talking to you soon, Ryan

Open House and Ribbon Cutting at Mission Repair!

Hello all, I’m getting pretty amped up for our Open House and Ribbon Cutting in 2 days! If you’re local and available, come on by and say hi! Want to see our small business in operation? Come on down. . .we’ve got a good spread of hot food from Raoul’s Velvet Room and sandwiches from Jimmy John’s.

We’re just planning on having a little fun, take a few pictures, and talk to our local friends and partners here in Olathe. We’ve also got a cotton candy vendor that will be whipping out as many treats as possible! Oh yeah, one more thing – we’re offering 20% off any repair or service on Thursday, September 30, 2010. Just check back here for that coupon code, I’ll post it late Wednesday night!!

Thanks, see ya at the office 😉


2 new employees at Mission Repair!

Well hello there everyone and I hope you’re having a great start to your Monday! I know that we are having a good day already- we’re really rockin over here at Mission Repair. We just hired 2 new employees… Jacob (email him here) and Darren (email him here), to help out in our tech department. Business has really exploded and we just need the help to keep our customer satisfaction up – it’s plain and simple. We are still on the lookout for several new technicians and we’d love to interview anyone interested in a technical position. Just send your resume to “” for more information!

OK, I’m back into the groove after my weekend off – however now it’s going to snow here in Kansas City tomorrow night. It certainly feels like it’s gonna be a snow day for my kids, but rest assured that we’ll be right here trucking along at good old Mission Repair. Thanks for all of your support!!

Best, Ryan