The “myTouch Slide” is not a piece of playground equipment or a new dance move.

But it is a repair service that’s now offered at Mission Repair!

OK, I know that was kind of corny. . .I’m just trying to keep my blogs interesting. I mean there is a reason for all of this blogging and I know that not everyone cares about EVERYTHING I talk about but if I reach the right person at the right time, it’s all worth it!

We have announced the HTC myTouch Slide 4G Glass Repair today and it’s hitting the press wire this afternoon. You’re hearing it here first and we have the glass panels in stock and ready for the next 24 hour service to be performed. We’ve launched the repair at just $129 installed which blows the doors off of the alternatives if you crack the glass-

I mean TMobile will happily sell you a replacement for about $500, but seriously why would you ever do that when you know that Mission Repair can replace that cracked glass, keep your contacts in place, and send the phone back to your house (avoiding long lines and making an “appointment” at your local carrier store)?!?

From the comfort of your living room couch, you can order the service from our website, and within 24 hours of receipt at our Mission Repair base we’ll have the repair complete and on it’s way back to your location. It’s a recipe for perfection!

For those not willing to get their phone into us here you can order the part and install it yourself. It’s a little tricky, but some of you just prefer to do the work on your own. No problem, we’re happy to help!

Have a great afternoon, Ryan