Visit us in Olathe.

Hello again everyone-

If you read my last blog post, you heard that we’ve moved into our new corporate headquarters and we’re settling in nicely. Here’s a quick shot of the front lobby and customer check in desk.

New Lobby

What you don’t see is the customer waiting room off to the right and the shopping center for our sister company, Mission Survivor, in an additional room as well.

I’ve caught a few employees already hanging out in the customer waiting room 😉 I needed to remind them that they are NOT customers and the employee breakroom is where they need to be! It’s a nice upgrade from the last “waiting room” that we had, I hope that you appreciate it when you stop by.

Speaking of stopping by – we have had a line in the front office since we launched our last newsletter. Thank you for the response and I hope our the new look of Mission Repair is exactly what you were looking for!

Can you tell that I’m excited about our new building? Ok, I know – “get back to work Ryan”.

Will do.

Thanks, Ryan

Wherever there is a channel for water, there is a road for the canoe.

Hello folks, the title of this blog quoted from Henry David Thoreau – provokes the idea that canoeing in our business park to be possible.

We had a tremendous downpour this much that it swelled our creeks, rivers and all of our surrounding farmland as well. So much so, that when it stopped raining, the runoff filled the drainage culvert next to our headquarters for several days. You could actually hear the water running down the side of our building and was a bit distracting because of it’s new and unfamiliar sound. There must be something done about this!!

Troy the gondolier.  Or is he a canoier?

Troy the gondolier. Or is he a “canoier”?

It was obvious that we needed a break from the typical workday to see what kind of fun we could have with our new found “river”. Just looking at this picture seems like it spelled disaster, but it was actually a success and Troy didn’t even get his loafers wet…much.

What does this have to do with business at Mission Repair? Well nothing per se, other than confirming that even “professional” grown men “dumb down” once in a while to have a little fun. I admit it, I was there; but no one got hurt and we didn’t need to call in the Coast Guard. All is well.

Back to work here today – we are on track for a record number of orders today. My sales staff is really rocking the house and we are pumping out the repairs on the production line. We’ll be back soon with more great info with a “splash” of silly fun from Troy.

Take care, Ryan

Weekends are busy at Mission Repair. Perfect!

Hello everyone,

We had another “first” at Mission Repair this weekend, albeit it’s not that significant on it’s own…but we had more walk-in repairs on Sunday that we did on Saturday.


To most, that news is not earth shattering or possibly not even noteworthy. It’s certainly more of an internal piece of interest as it allows us to adjust our operating coverages and employee schedules. When I visit the business on the weekends (OK, I admit it I don’t typically work the weekend schedule) to see a line of customers coming out of the front door waiting to get in, I know that it’s time to beef up the coverage 😉

The bottom line is that we’re here for you. Even if you not one of our local walk in customers, you can still reach us on the weekends for status, to place orders or to simply chat about your broken device. We’re happy to try to help out in any way we can, and you can count on us to be available when you need us.

Does this mean that we’re going to be expanding our normal operating hours in the future? I wouldn’t bet against it! Plans are in the works now to be open later into the evenings during the week. Hey, we’re getting there, stay tuned for new business hours coming soon!

Take care, Ryan

Election Day Coupon!

Hey M:R Nation-

With election day approaching tomorrow, this has everyone around the office involved in the typical debates that you find yourself in around this time every 4 years or so. We are all excited and we have a good group of people taking an a hour off to cast a vote for their most worthy candidate.

For those of you wondering, no we did not strongly suggest to our employees who they should vote for like David Siegel or the Koch brothers 🙂 We encourage everyone to make their own choices. We love the fact that we can hire on such a diverse group of people from Kansas and Missouri.

We do however encourage all of our employees to go out and vote! If anything, it gives you an excuse to complain for the next 4 years if you voted for the losing side 🙂 I for one have been on both sides of the an election outcome and am proud to have cast my vote either way. So get out there tomorrow and VOTE!

To celebrate tomorrows historic day, we are offering up a one day only, 15% discount! This will be active at Midnight on 11/6/12 and end the same day at 11:59 so please, be hasty! If you like the word Obama use coupon code obama15, if you like the word Romney use coupon code romney15.

p.s. Make sure you check out our deal of the week on the Kindle Fire before it disappears!

Cheers, Troy