Wherever there is a channel for water, there is a road for the canoe.

Hello folks, the title of this blog quoted from Henry David Thoreau – provokes the idea that canoeing in our business park to be possible.

We had a tremendous downpour this month..so much that it swelled our creeks, rivers and all of our surrounding farmland as well. So much so, that when it stopped raining, the runoff filled the drainage culvert next to our headquarters for several days. You could actually hear the water running down the side of our building and was a bit distracting because of it’s new and unfamiliar sound. There must be something done about this!!

Troy the gondolier.  Or is he a canoier?

Troy the gondolier. Or is he a “canoier”?

It was obvious that we needed a break from the typical workday to see what kind of fun we could have with our new found “river”. Just looking at this picture seems like it spelled disaster, but it was actually a success and Troy didn’t even get his loafers wet…much.

What does this have to do with business at Mission Repair? Well nothing per se, other than confirming that even “professional” grown men “dumb down” once in a while to have a little fun. I admit it, I was there; but no one got hurt and we didn’t need to call in the Coast Guard. All is well.

Back to work here today – we are on track for a record number of orders today. My sales staff is really rocking the house and we are pumping out the repairs on the production line. We’ll be back soon with more great info with a “splash” of silly fun from Troy.

Take care, Ryan

No Shave November!

Hello M:R Nation –

I have a few blokes here at Mission Repair that were talking about participating in “No Shave November”. The main reason for this is to raise awareness for men’s health, but there have been many tales of its origins. I myself, think its simply an excuse to be lazy and I embrace that!

I have a total of 8 gents that I will be chronicling for the next 4 weeks. I will take a picture of their progress once a week and post it right here on our wonderful blog!

Say Hi to Jake, David, nick, Ryan, Albert, Phil, Justin and Lennie!

So here they are, the 8 brave/lazy souls participating in this storied tradition(I’ll spare you and them of a large sized picture )! As you can see, some of them already have a head start. This should make for some epic beardness for sure! While I sport quite the fancy beard myself, I am not 100% sure that I will let it grow rugged yet. I will keep you updated on that decision.

We like to turn things into a competition around here and this is going to be no different. While I have no idea on how I will decide the winner yet, I do know the prize. I find it a much needed prize to be handed out in this situation.It is a years subscription to the Dollar Shave Club paid for by Mission Repair! I love this company and am a proud member so I can vouch for the prize!

I would like to make this something our readers can benefit from as well, I will also provide a years subscription to the most Epic beard or other hair growth (I know it sounds nasty, but we are about equality here at MR, so men and woman are welcome to join but keep it PG) to one of our brave/lazy readers :-)!

To join the competition, you will need to send in 4 different pictures to troy@missionrepair.com titled NSN Entry and here is what I will need from you:

1) Starting Point Picture

2) Week 2 growth

3) Week 3 growth

4) Final Week growth

By joining the competition, you agree to have your picture posted here on the MR Blog if you are named the winner. Happy November to everyone and good luck on those beards!


please note: This competition in no way, shape or form will interfere with our awesome iPhone, iPodiPad, Smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC repair services !

Cheers, Troy

iPad Mini… It’s Like An iPad, But Smaller!

Hey M:R Nation –

I am patiently waiting to receive my iPad Mini that I ordered on Friday and I an getting super excited. From the reviews that I’ve been reading, this looks like a home run of a device. Yes, I do have a regular sized iPad, but I can’t pry it out of my 3 year olds hand, so I have decided to give up fighting for “His” iPad as he calls and get the Mini for myself.

These SMART Covers are missing something…oh yes, iPads!

As you can see in the image above, Apple sure got me when I received the Smart Cover 3 days before my actual iPad Mini. Thanks for the early April fools joke…I really appreciate it !

I know these covers are not going to give much (if any) protection, but they are so cool and if something happens to the little guy, I know where to take him 🙂

I know it might be too soon to talk about iPad Mini Repair, but how about a shameless plug for our iPad Mini service? Ok, here ya go—> iPad Mini Service Repairs! Mission:Repair is your go to service center for the new iPad Mini and your countless other devices!

Cheers, Troy