Mission Repair supporting our troops!

Hello everyone, I hope you had a great weekend – mine was interesting for sure with a lot of family and activities. There was a great UFC fight on Saturday night on FOX (which was super cool!) and of course some amazing football yesterday to really round out the TV watching weekend 😉

Friday of course was Veteran’s Day, and Mission Repair was invited to present our Military Vehicle at Clear Creek Elementary School in Shawnee, Kansas. I arrived early Friday morning and got her set up:

Then as students and teachers arrived (that’s my Librarian on the left!) they lined up for pictures and a “tour” of the Deuce and a Half on the way into their first ever Veteran’s Day assembly.

The school put on an honorary display of thanks and remembrance for many local veterans (active and not) for the entire school. It was very cool. Unfortunately, my father was too sick to attend, but was honored as well to the group. It was a special day and I was even able to deliver a brand new American Flag to my father later that day. I know he appreciated it.

Unfortunately, there’s only one day a year that’s labeled “Veteran’s Day” but every day (and every chance that I get) I want to thank all of our veterans for their service.

Have a great Monday! Ryan

Have a notebook with a broken screen? Dell? HP? Toshiba? Acer? No problem.

Hello everyone, it’s been a heck of a day for me personally. The first call of the day was about my daughter that rear-ended another student on her way to school. She’s a Senior, it’s her first accident and it was NOT the way I planned on starting my Tuesday. But heck accidents never happen we we plan them I guess…so we got through that and luckily no one was hurt except for her car which has a nice big “crunch” in the front. Ah well, nothing that a few month of waiting tables can’t cure 😉

So after taking the report with our Sherriff’s department, I headed into work late. Then I got a second call from the High School nurse who said “Your son Casey is sick and needs to be picked up.” So I turned the car around and headed back to the High School to get my Freshman son who was in the office with a head and stomach ache. I got him home and into bed, then finally made it into the office here at Mission Repair about an hour ago. Yikes.

Here’s to parenting. Today was a HUGE test of my fatherhood and skills as the parental figure with both of my kids. I didn’t get upset with either of them this morning, we’ll take the discussion “offline” and I’ll try to teach some lessons out of this mess!

So I’m here today talking with my crew who are all unfazed by my morning, and collectively we want to issue a coupon to spike the Windows Laptop Screen Repair department. We’re overstocked on many of these screens – so rather than list them all and give out “sale” prices, I’m going to issue a coupon code so you can receive $20 off any laptop screen repair we offer that is over $100!

Just use coupon code “INSURANCE” when you place your order online for your next PC laptop screen repair. Why did I pick “INSURANCE” as the coupon code? Well I’ll let you figure that one out 😉

This code will automatically deduct $20 from the price and at the same time you’ll begin the process of the best Laptop Screen Repair service in the market. This coupon will expire on 10/3/11.

Hey tomorrow is another day, I’ll be back soon with more goodies!

Best, Ryan

Construction, expansions, locations – we’re in a whirlwind.

Hello again all, we’re really doing a lot around here, and it’s all out of necessity.

Not only are we now in several states with several locations (you might have ready my previous blog earlier today) but we’re also expanding our main service center in Olathe to accomodate our growth. We’ve leased another 2-story section in our complex and we’re building out the area for more employees. “Sardines” is how I describe our current working environment!

What we have here is the makings of some new rooms and shortly we’ll begin the process of doubling our technician space and we’re growing into a larger shipping/receiving area. All of this brings headaches to the business owner (me!) but I realize that it’s the next logical step in continuing my goal of providing the best electronics repair service in the industry.

Need a job? We’re looking for new employees. Submit your resume to “jobs@missionrepair.com” for consideration. What are we looking for? Here’s a list of available jobs.

OK, I’m back at it. I’m still adding new services and much-needed repairs daily. I do believe that we’ll be adding the iPhone 5 repairs shortly. Want to know more about the iPhone 5? Stay tuned to this blog. i.e. “Subscribe” to us in the upper left column and you won’t miss a thing!

Take care, Ryan

Back to school and a coupon code!

How does a 15% off Back to School Special sound? The reason that I’m offering this now is because I just took my kids “back to school shopping” and it wasn’t cheap. I mean after the laundry list of supplies that we needed and the clothes and lunch money deposits, I wasn’t left with much in my wallet!

So in response to this money madness I’m going to spur the economy. . .We’re offering 15% off any iPod Repair, iPad Glass repair, MacBook upgrade or any other service that we offer now though August 21, 2011 at Midnight so don’t delay.

Just enter coupon code “DEUCE” to receive that 15% off starting immediately. I’ll be back soon with more awesome information!

Best, Ryan

MacBook Screen Repairs – check out these prices!

Good afternoon everyone, it’s a busy day here at the Mission Repair base. We’re making a ton of new friends and customers (thanks to our amazing “GOT REPAIR” program) that is included with many of our services.

A lot of customers are still amazed that we offer MacBook screen repair, and when they find out that these repairs come with “Got Repair” lifetime benefits, it’s the difference between us and the competition.

“Got Repair” benefits are INCLUDED when you have your MacBook Screen Repaired with us. Or your MacBook hard drive. Or your iPhone screen, iPod screen, cell phone display, well the list goes on and on. It just means that after the repair at our facility, and if you ever damage your hard drive or screen again, we will replace it again under our “Got Repair” benefits.


It’s because we are confident in our systems, our products, and our people. It’s because we care about our customers. . .and even if you, our customer, breaks our installed part again we will be here for you in the future. Let’s face it, you may never need to use us again, but wouldn’t it be nice to know that if you needed to – we’d be here – forever.

Our Mac laptop division is really thickening. We’ve developed some excellent relationships with several customers that are sending in a significant amount of volume and we wanted to assure the rest of the nation that we are here as an amazing source for all of your Macintosh repair needs. It’s why we’re in business.

I have some 4th of July specials coming soon, stay tuned!!