Price Drop: Ram Of All Shapes And Size!

Good Morning M:R Nation –

We have some price drops to talk about today. We don’t see this to often with RAM, but alas, here it is. A mega price drop that is sure to please. We have slashed each service by about $50.00!

What is “RAM” exactly? Well, it is an acronym that stands for Random-access memory which is a form of computer data storage. A random-access device allows stored data to be accessed in very nearly the same amount of time for any storage location, so data can be accessed quickly in any random order.

If you find your computer running a little sluggish, a good place to start is the RAM. The more applications you use at once, the more your ram is pressed. Our Apple Certified Repair Technicians will always use the correct spec in your device and split up the ram between all available slots to create a smooth running machine.

Below you can view the different Apple specified RAM services that we offer. We can go above 8GB if you computer is compatible, so if you feel you need more than 8GB, give us a call at 866-638-8402 and we can help you find out your maximum RAM capacity.

We also have the ability to replace RAM an any PC as well. Please be on the look for those services to be added, but in the mean time, give us a call if thats something you need.

Eight Gigabyte (8gb) Unibody MacBook Memory (8500) Memory Service

Four Gigabyte (4gb) Unibody MacBook, MacBook Pro & Mini (8500) Memory Service

Four Gigabyte (4gb) MacBook & MacBook Pro (5300) Memory Service

Two Gigabyte (2gb) MacBook, MacBook Pro & Mini (5300) Memory Service

I hope all is well and the Holiday hangover is not too bad. We only have one more Holiday to get through and we are clear for another year:-)

Cheers, Troy

Deal Of The Week!

Happy Monday M:R Nation-

I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend and is well rested for the start of this week! I for one thoroughly enjoyed it…Go Big Red…

Anyway, I have an awesome deal of the week to share with you today. For sometime now, smartphones and tablets have been the main focus when we create new deals of the week. This is for no particular reason that I can think of, other than we have a new product to repair on these sides of the business every other day. Thus, these naturally become the main focus.

Deal Of The Week!

Well, I have a very simple solution for this. Its called….are you ready for this? IT’S CALLED THE  13″ Unibody Polycarbonate MacBook Glossy Finish LCD Repair! BOOM, I bet you didn’t see this one coming, people! So how do you benefit from this deal? Easy, just click the link above and it will direct you to our deal of the week page. From there, the rest is history! Keep in mind as the title states, this only lasts for a week, so act fast if you are tired of seeing this >

You don’t have to live like this!

Cheers, Troy



100,000 people can’t be wrong!

Greetings friends-

This is just a short post as I’m looking through our database – we passed 100,000 orders today. That puts us into a new category in my book. . .and reaching milestones like this at my business is just a fun way to get a little personal “reward” without asking for it. The numbers speak for themselves!

And counting!

So who cares? Well I do, and for those customers that are shopping around for a reputable business to care for their trusty electronic device at least you know that Mission Repair is servicing real volume, and after seeing thousands of cracked iPhones and iPads in the last 4 years, we have really gotten to know our stuff 😉

Thanks for reading, this is more of a pat on the back to all of my employees that have stayed strong and that believe in what we’re doing here at Mission Repair. It’s what we do.

Take care, Ryan

So it’s graduation time, and time for a Mission Repair COUPON!!

Hello everyone and good afternoon!

We are at it again. . .and I’ve got graduation on the mind! My daughter Tayler is graduationg from High School this year. WOW. What can I say other than I am in complete and total shock about how my time with her has flown by! It seems just like yesterday I was a young guy living in Hawaii (that’s a whole story altogether) and I had my first child at the Maui Medical Center in Wailuku. I remember that I went to McDonalds for lunch (#3 meal with a coke), the nurses name (Becky), and even the first words that came out of the doctors mouth after she was born: “Wow, she has red hair!”.

Talking about all of this is making me a little teary eyed because this weekend I’ll be watching her walk down the aisle and receiving her diploma from High School. She’s also done something that I could never do, and that she is receiving honors with a 4.0 grade point average all the way through. I’m super impressed!

Well, I’m in for a few more tears of joy. . .as I would expect. This just leaves my son, Casey who is going to be a sophomore next year – so as a parent I’m feeling pretty accomplished!

To celebrate all of those grads out there – the class of 2012 – I’m issuing a coupon for anyone to use. It will give you 12% off your entire order, all you need to do is enter the coupon code “GRADS” when checking out online! This coupon is good all the way through 5/25/12 but don’t delay. Think about it, does your grad need an iPhone repair? How about a new iPod battery? Are they using a cracked macbook? Get it fixed as a gift!

Have a great day, Ryan

P.S. Congratulations to all of the “graduating” parents this year. I’ll be thinking about you on Saturday night!

Ram, memory, remember?

Good afternoon everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’m going to make a prediction right now. There’s a ton of talk about the “doomsday” this year (reference the movie 2012 starring John Cusak!) but I have a sneaking suspicion that the internet has gotten a hold of this notion and it’s a viral hoax. Mission Repair will be here in 2013!

I just got off the phone today with a customer that wasn’t sure about memory for his computer. In fact, he went on to ask about the RAM for the same computer and just wasn’t sure about the differences between the two.

Being in the business, it comes naturally – memory and RAM are the same thing. Actually, RAM stands for “Random Access Memory” so the term “memory” is short for RAM. RAM is considered “random access” because you can access any memory cell directly if you know the row and column that intersect at that cell. In addition to serving as temporary storage and working space for the operating system and its applications, RAM is used in numerous other ways.

However RAM (and memory) is DIFFERENT than storage. Storage is typically referred to as the hard drive or the hard disk but let’s leave that for another topic later.

So should you increase your RAM? Typically the answer is YES, however we will leave you to decide. The main point of this discussion? Well we’d be happy to address your RAM module needs and inexpensively we can upgrade your system (if it allows) and even trade in your old RAM toward an upgrade! Thanks for reading and I’ll be back soon.

Best, Ryan