What is Labor Day at Mission Repair? Coupon inside!

Hello there everyone and happy Friday!

We are closing up a record month here at Mission Repair. We had another new employee start today on our production line. . .not only a record month in sales, but a record month in new employees starting. I always told myself that once I can’t remember everyone’s name, I know that we’ve made it big.

Well Adam started today so my “name memory” is still working fine 😉 I think that once we get to 50 employees I may start to become “forgetful”. I pride myself in knowing who’s-who and what’s-what in my business; but once I got over 30 employees I noticed myself losing grasp on a few things. It’s OK, that’s what my managers are for, right?!? I just have to learn to let go of certain tasks. It’s change that’s the hardest, but it’s also a ton of fun.

Speaking of employees, everyone is getting a well-deserved day off on Monday for Labor Day. You may ask: “What is Labor Day?”

Well there is an official definition that is something about a workers strike back in the 1800’s and it quickly became a National holiday soon thereafter. Others say that they recognize it merely as the beginning of the school year…or the official end of the summer. Of course it’s is typically the last day that the city pools are open for the year.

At Mission Repair, we celebrate it just like many other retailers and online businesses do – we have a sale!

So what can you expect from this amazing Labor Day weekend at Mission Repair? Firstly we will be open for business as usual Saturday and Sunday. Come on over to our service center and we will be happy to take care of you! We will be closed on Monday 9/3/12 so be sure to make note of that!!

Additionally, we are offering a whopping 20% every order placed this weekend online. That’s right. 20% off. That even includes 20% off of the shipping on your repair order. I dare you to try to find a better price on any of Mission Repair’s services. You won’t find it!

So if you’re in need of an iPad repair, iPod glass repair, iPhone fix or other Android Cell phone service. Click on over to the Mission Repair website and use coupon code “dayoff” for your 20% discount.

This offer runs Saturday (9/1/12), Sunday (9/2/12) and Monday (9/3/12) ONLY. Offer not good on orders placed any other dates and not good in conjunction with any other offer or discount. It’s simply amazing.

I’m back to the grind stone – that’s probably some sort of saying from the 1800’s as well. To me it means “Back to work Ryan”. I’ll talk to you again soon.

See ya, Ryan

MacBook Screen Repairs – the best in the business!

Hello folks,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve been on the blog. It’s nothing personal, I have just been inundated with projects (see my previous blog!) and we’re just getting our fingers wrapped around all of the changes. It’s an amazing feeling!

Just a quick post to let you know – so many people have already taken advantage of the great deal – but we’ve got an unbelievable special running right now through 5/18/12:

White 13″ MacBook Polycarbonate Screen Repair – only $159 installed! Normal price is $189 and there’s no coupon code necessary for the deal.

That’s the price for the new screen with installation. This is truly amazing on our part and we hope that if you’re in need of a new screen (we know accidents can happen) then you’ll think about having the best repair service on the planet performed by the best technicians in the industry. Right here at Mission Repair.

Thanks for reading I promised a coupon code soon, I will follow up with one TODAY!

Best, Ryan

Ram, memory, remember?

Good afternoon everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’m going to make a prediction right now. There’s a ton of talk about the “doomsday” this year (reference the movie 2012 starring John Cusak!) but I have a sneaking suspicion that the internet has gotten a hold of this notion and it’s a viral hoax. Mission Repair will be here in 2013!

I just got off the phone today with a customer that wasn’t sure about memory for his computer. In fact, he went on to ask about the RAM for the same computer and just wasn’t sure about the differences between the two.

Being in the business, it comes naturally – memory and RAM are the same thing. Actually, RAM stands for “Random Access Memory” so the term “memory” is short for RAM. RAM is considered “random access” because you can access any memory cell directly if you know the row and column that intersect at that cell. In addition to serving as temporary storage and working space for the operating system and its applications, RAM is used in numerous other ways.

However RAM (and memory) is DIFFERENT than storage. Storage is typically referred to as the hard drive or the hard disk but let’s leave that for another topic later.

So should you increase your RAM? Typically the answer is YES, however we will leave you to decide. The main point of this discussion? Well we’d be happy to address your RAM module needs and inexpensively we can upgrade your system (if it allows) and even trade in your old RAM toward an upgrade! Thanks for reading and I’ll be back soon.

Best, Ryan

Price cuts again. Unibody MacBook Glass Replacements are only $99. We just can’t stop.

Good morning everyone, we just received some great news for our glass vendor, and he has lowered our pricing on our glass panels – this is good news for you – and means that we are lowering our prices on the glass replacement services. . .

You might be asking, there’s glass on the front of a MacBook? The answer is “yes”. The newer MacBooks and MacBook Pro laptops (called the Unibody Mac) have a thin glass panel that covers the LCD. The LCD resides behind the protective glass and from our experience we see a lot of broken glass from drops, bumps, and inadvertent “bending” of the top of the laptop. The LCD will typically remain in tact but the glass is thin and, well, glass. As you can imagine, thin glass cracks and breaks easily!

So we’ve been in the glass replacement business for many years. It’s a common occurance and if it should happen to you don’t worry, Mission Repair is here to help and by lowering our prices we effectively extend the life of your computer and make things easier in a time of need.

Want to shop MacBook Unibody glass repairs? Click the link to get started!

It’s a great day. . .Ryan

Cyber Monday Coupon code at Mission Repair!

Hi there, and good morning my friends. . .we are geared up, staffed up, and ready for today’s business. It’s CYBER MONDAY and it’s the busiest day of the year. Bear with us, we are answering calls in the order received and we promise to get to you shortly.

If you’d prefer to place your order online, you can use coupon code CYBER22 for a whopping 22% off of your entire order! This 22% discount is good for orders placed TODAY ONLY, 11/28/11.

Just enter the coupon code online for any of our repair services including iPod repair, iPhone repair, MacBook Repair and Cell phone repairs. This coupon will even work for our self-service repairs so if you want to buy a part, today is the day!

Visit the Mission Repair Website to get started!

Talk to you again soon, Ryan