Macbook Pro swollen battery – it’s not a myth!

Hello again and good morning!

We received a walk-in customer that delivered this computer to us:



The customer’s computer was bulging and you can see the trackpad popping up off of the palmrest. What caused this catastrophe? It was a BAD BATTERY that shorted out, “bulged” and basically bent this computer out of shape.

Unfortunately, there were a few parts that we needed to replace on this unit to get it back to normal working shape; but it’s not a problem for Mission Repair.

The question is “how could have the customer avoided this?”. That’s a tough one to answer; because there isn’t much that could be done. These things can just happen from time to time. I know that’s not a great answer; but it’s the nature of batteries unfortunately. The only advice that I can give is to periodically replace the battery in your computer on a routine basis – before a disaster happens.

If you do have a “meltdown”, give us a call!

Thanks, Ryan

Mission Repair: we recycle old phones!

Hello everyone,

We’ve just gone National with our cell phone recycling program, and we also take walk-in recycling items as well. We want to do our part to keep eWaste properly controlled and recycled properly, so you’re welcome to stop by any one of our locations to drop off your electronics recycling items.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 11.18.56 AM

Just visit us during normal business hours, and find one of our recycling kiosks and drop your device in the slot…it’s that easy. If you have a large load or big items, give us a call so that we know that you’re coming. We will take the materials to our warehouse, remove the batteries and send the pieces off to the right place. It just makes sense.

Thanks to everyone that has enjoyed our latest Newsletter discount for Veterans Day tomorrow. We’re working hard to get all devices shipped out today and stay ahead of the curve! Have a great day.