Water damaged iPad 4. It can be a tricky situation.

Hi there again;

We get this all the time.  Customers report “possibly water damaged” and sends a device into us like an iPad.  The liquid damaged units can be a little tricky; there are times that we get a device in like the iPad (shown below), and we need to fix one thing just to see if everything else works…and sometimes there are multiple items that need attention and it’s hard to spot everything right out of the chute!


I know it may be a little tough to tell, but this is the inside of an iPad 4 that has been “dunked” in some sort of liquid.  Since it’s pretty much absent of smell, I would assume that it was just water.  “Liquid” is a bit subjective!


So here’s how we approach liquid damaged units: firstly, we need to attack the visual references we have.  For instance, this unit had corrosion on the dock connector.  It’s obvious that that charging port will need to be replaced, so we start there.  We will call you with this report, and see if you’re interested in moving forward.  We don’t charge you anything for any repairs at this point either…because units with liquid damage can be difficult to fully diagnose and fully understand until we get some life out of them.

Once our customer approved us to get started, we happened to notice that this unit had a lot of corrosion upon further disassembly.  This means that not only would it need a new dock connector assembly, it will also need a logic board repair.  See those “stains” in the picture on the shielding?  That’s the liquid residue on those parts and it all needs to be cleaned.  Not an issue, Mission Repair has the capability to get down to component level on these boards and solve the problems!

The one thing that I should comment on: Expectations between Mission Repair and our customer.  Liquid damaged units are not “cookie cutter” repairs.  They sometimes take a long time to diagnose and maybe even longer to repair.  They are all different (obviously depending on the varying degree of liquid that they were subjected to) and when we tackle these units we always work in the best interest of the customer at all times.  Please be patient and understand that you’re in control of the repair at all times, but know that we have repaired THOUSANDS of water damaged iPad, iPods and everything in between.  We are here for you!

Have a great afternoon, Ryan

Gooper Dry Bag, Anyone?

Hello M:R Nation –

With summer rapidly approaching, you are most likely thinking about swimming pools, sprinklers and beaches. There is no better way to cool down than one of these three avenues, however they aren’t very iPad or iPhone friendly. This is where “Gooper Dry Bags” comes in handy!


The Gooper Dry Bag is a simple yet, effective solution to a very common issue…water exposure to your sensitive electronic device. How prevalent is this issue? Well, at Mission Repair, we see a 40% increase in liquid damages during the next 3 months. Yes, that’s a staggering number! So what is special about the “Gooper Bag”? Can’t I just use a zip lock bag to protect my belongings? The short answer to that question is NO WAY, and here is why:

Since the bag uses the power of strong neodymium magnets to form the closure, you will never need to check for a seal again – Gooper dry bag will automatically lock itself each time with endless precisionIt is a fumble-free way of sealing and waterproofing and it alleviates the need for a snap-and-lock or a hook & loop system to create an airtight closure. All you do is let go of the opening, and the Gooper strips do all the work.

Here are some other key features of this awesome bag:

 Instant, magnetic, self-sealing closure.

 Lifetime warranty.

 Individually tested.

 IP-X8 certified for continues water submersion.

 Waterproof tested up to 100 feet and more.

 Manipulate touch screens, buttons and switches directly and easily through the bag.

 Phones are fully functional through the bag, allowing for voice and audio without the need for a headphone or audio jack.

 Turn your existing camera into an underwater camera.

 High quality TPU (BPA-free) allows for clear shots.

 Foolproof and fumble-free automatic closure ensures a waterproof seal every time.

 Magnetic closure will not interfere with consumer electronics, credit cards, money cards, hard drives, etc.

Starting today, we are offering two different colors (Lime & Black) for smartphones and tablets. Below you will find direct links to both colors!

Gooper Smartphone Dry Bag (Black)

Gooper Smartphone Dry Bag (Lime)

Gooper Tablet Dry Bag (Lime)

Gooper Tablet Dry Bag (Black)

So M:R Nation, If you are planing on any H2O activities this summer, at least think about using this product to cool off without worrying about the catastrophic effect of liquid damage!

Cheers, Troy