I’m a fan!

Hello there, I just talked a few minutes ago about liquid damaged units, but let’s move on to something that most people never think about:


Yes, I’m sure you clean the outside of your computer from time to time…or at least the cleaning lady does it, right?  Well I bet you’re one of the millions of computer users that never opens their laptop to clean the inside.  Why would you want to?


Did you know that simply having dust inside of your computer can cause it to fail?  I spoke to a former PCB designer who stated “Dust causes arcing and can cause shorting and certainly fail an entire electrical circuit (LIKE A MOTHERBOARD!).  Additionally while it wouldn’t conduct full current flow per se, the suspended particles are able to carry electric charge and differences between the charges of the particles allows dust to have conductivity.”

So above is a picture of a fan inside of a Mac laptop…you can visually see the dust buildup on the blades.  Also, take a look at this logic board from the same unit:


The “dust bunnies” are accumulating and can simply cause issues in the long run.  Remember, dust CAN conduct electricity (similar to water, metal or human skin!) and that’s BAD for all of these exposed solder points. Why not open up your computer and blow it out once in a while?  If you’re not up to it, we’ll be happy to take care of it here at Mission Repair…and we can even do it while you wait – for a small service charge.

However, don’t wait until it’s too late…once the dust shorts out your logic board, you’ll be in for a much bigger repair bill; over something that should be considered preventive maintenance.  Now even Apple, Inc. doesn’t expect you to do this on your own…but they should.  Cleaning the outside of your computer is important, but cleaning the inside could double the life expectancy.  Take it from me, I’ve seen thousands of units just like the one above and dust can be the worst silent killer of your computer.

Have a good night, sleep tight, don’t let the dust bunnies bite!


They can check in, but won’t check out!

Hi there friends,

We opened up a MacBook Pro today to perform an LCD upgrade and we were greeted with this:


This customer’s unit was clearly infested with what appears to be dead baby cockroaches. Now I’m no insect expert, but these guys certainly don’t belong in there. I am a MacBook Pro expert, and I know for certain that Apple didn’t engineer room for these guys to cohabitate with the hard drive, logic board and other internal parts of this unit.

So I’m just sharing this picture today to let you know that sometimes this job isn’t all glamour and easy. Also, check your workstation at home or at work, wherever you have your expensive electronics; infestation like this could easily cause you expensive problems!

Have a MacBook Pro problem? Give us a call at 913-948-6992 and we can have your device picked up from anywhere in the USA.

Take care, Ryan