Kindle 3 Screens Repairs- we’re getting through the waiting list!

Once again folks, I’m sorry about the delay. Getting certain parts from certain vendors can be difficult, if not downright impossible at times. I want to confirm that we are now taking and performing the Kindle 3 Screen repairs and they are going great! The Amazon Kindle is a great little device (we have a Kindle Touch at home) and I’d be a little devastated if it broke. Here’s what a unit looks like with a cracked screen:

And this is what it looks like once our technicians work their magic on it:

The price is right, the service is fast and we have a boatload of new screens under lock and key in our secure inventory warehouse. Want to buy Kindle screens from us? Not a problem, give us a call! We can share if you’d like to do your own repair, and we supply to dealers all over the country.

Have a great weekend, Ryan

Kindle 3 Screen Repairs announced – it’s about time!

Hello all, I’m excited to bring you this new service as we just got off the phone with our supplier just a few minutes ago-

It’s been a long time coming that’s for sure, and many customers have been sitting on our waiting list which will now be able to fulfill shortly. . .

Amazon Kindle 3 Screen Repair is now available at Mission Repair! Until today, there has been no ETA on these screens. The manufacturer was just NOT releasing them to us. This happens from time-to-time and we appreciate everyone’s patience. I think that we’ve got their attention now and it’s amazing how many people are ready to deliver! The bottom line is that we’ve placed a large order and these screens are en route – we should have them anytime soon and for sure we’ll get caught up on our Kindle 3 LCD Screen repair backorder list in February.

This is great news and while it may not be exciting to some, it’s very exciting to others. Don’t worry, we’ll get ya fixed up. It’s what we do.

Thanks, I’ll be back soon, and I owe all of you a coupon code. Stay tuned. . .