Our Second customer at our new retail location…

Hello again friends- if you read my last blog, you heard from the very first customer out at our new retail location, Mission Repair Express, in Mission, Kansas.

What about the second customer…did we even get a second customer you might ask?

ribbon cutting

We did open up on Monday of this week, March 17th 2014, and I’d like to thank all of these people that came in on Monday to visit our new location and set up repair orders with us:

Lori D.
Keith V.
Savannah M.
Shane M.
Jeff H.
Keith V. (again!)
Rick V.
Vipul B.
Doug T.
Ernesto P.
Donna M.
Danielle R.
Mike L.
Renee A.
Jennifer S.
Mindy D.
Dan H.
Brian H.
John. B.
Erica B.
Sheila B.
Darin C.
Rob S.
Katy H.
Hardy C.
Murl B.
Lori B.
Linda B.
Robert M.
Kathy C.
Dennis G.
Mike B.
Bryson J.
Fernando L.
and of course, our very first customer, Jim. G. who came in a little early!

We wouldn’t have had a successful opening without you. There’s an unbelievable amount of effort that goes into starting a new location and because you watched and listened and read our newsletter you made the effort to come in and check out our new location. It was a fantastic “christening” and fire test for us, thank you all for becoming the newest friends of Mission Repair and Mission Repair Express. I sincerely appreciate every one of you.

Have a great day, Ryan

Speaking Of A Knock Out

Hey M:R Nation –

I’m at the office a little late tonight catching up on some things and its time to take a quick break. While surfing ESPN, when I came across some highlights from the Manny Pacquiao/Juan Manuel Marquez fight and I have to say, I missed a good one. It was a pretty much an even fight until the 6th round and with one solid right to the face, and a left to the kidney, Pacquiao was down for the count.While I am more of a UFC fan, I can really appreciate a good rivalry and this one of the best.



Speaking Of A Knock Out, did you see our newest price on the iPad 2 Glass Repair Service? That is most definitely a price that is sure to knock out a few of our competitors :-), oh and sure, and we could charge you $10.00+ to ship it back, but why? That just makes no sense.

I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of their Monday night, I’ll be here at the Mission:Repair headquarters working away.

Cheers, Troy