iPad Mini 3 screen repairs- now at Mission Repair!

Hello friends, it’s time to announce a new service that we officially launched in March;

iPad Mini 3 Glass and Screen Repairs!

It’s starting to get a little confusing with all of these models, and you might even point out that the iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2 and the iPad Mini 3 all have the same from glass panel. THIS IS NOT TRUE!


The iPad Mini 3 has a different size home button opening in the glass, so you CANNOT interchange these parts between the generations. Just letting those technicians out there in the DIY community know.

These units do not have a fused glass, digitizer and LCD assembly, so if you break one, you don’t have to replace the other. This is unlike some of the other iPad models (like the iPad Air 2) that we can’t simply replace the “glass only”. This is good news for it’s “repairability” and longevity.

The more I blog about these new iPads, the more I personally want one. I’m getting close to pulling the trigger; do I want and iPad Air, or iPad Mini, or just to simply upgrade my MacBook Air which I’m typing on now and have been using for several years? I know that Apple wants me to get one of each 😉

Thanks for reading friends, I’ll be back soon with more Mission Repair info.