OK, let’s clear up a few things about our iPod Repair services!

Hello friends,

I received an email from a customer that found our website at http://www.missionrepair.com, then emailed me directly to ask “Do you guys work on iPod Touches?”

Of course, my first reaction was “how did I not get this across to this customer?!?”

The fact is that we spend a significant amount of time on our websites making them right. They are our biggest “salesperson” and they never need a break 😉

Let’s be very clear here and I hope this reaches those that might have some questions! WE REPAIR IPODS! In fact, we repair every model of the Apple iPod except for the iPod shuffle. We call those “disposable” iPods and frankly they aren’t worth fixing. . .

But if you need your iPod Touch fixed, there’s no better place than at Mission Repair. We are repairing several thousand per month and our processes, turnaround time, prices and warranties are the best in the business.

Did you know about our “GOT REPAIR” benefits? Again, we are the only business in the industry that offers this. . .let’s say you have your iPod Touch 3rd Gen Screen Repaired with us. We will get it done within 24 hours and get it back to you. The amazing kicker is that you AUTOMATICALLY get our GOT REPAIR benefits which means that if you ever break that same screen again, we will repair it again, as many times as you need, under our GOT REPAIR benefits program. Talk about keeping us in your back pocket in case of emergency!

OK folks the day is getting past me. Still a lot left to talk about!

Best, Ryan

Mission Repair Price Cuts!

Good morning friends, have you been trying to call into us? Well we did get to everyone, but our handsets were blazing!

Yesterday we had a record number of telephone calls come into the main lines at Mission Repair – calls from our customers looking to place new orders and get their iPhones and iPods repaired before Christmas. Tis the season!

I’m just shooting out a quick blog because we have dropped our prices on many of our services including our most popular service for the iPod Touch 4th Gen Glass Repair. We’ve broken the $100 price barrier and will continue to repair these at lightning speed. It’s what we do!

So watch for price cuts. Why did we lower the price on our most popular, biggest selling repair you might ask? It’s true that I could have kept it at it’s old price, but we received a discount from our vendor because we buy in such large volumes. . .so I’m passing the savings on to you, our customer. I want to be friends for life.

OK, I’ll be back with more blogging later today. Take care, Ryan

Sale Extended – 4th Gen iPod Touch Glass Repair!

Hello all-

I’ve gotten some “disappointment” emails from customers that weren’t able to capitalize on the AMAZING Mission Repair Coupon Code that I offered last week.

So I came up with a solution. I’m gonna just extend the coupon. That’s a novel idea!

There ya have it. The coupon code “TAHOE” has been extended though Sunday May 22, 2011. This will bring the price of the 4th Gen iPod Touch Glass Repair down to just $94 installed! It’s our lowest price to date and it represents the best price for the money in the market. Why is that? Well we’ll also throw in our “Got Repair” benefits for free. So after you have the iPod repaired with us and if you every break or crack the screen again, we’ll replace it again under our “Got Repair” program. Simply astounding!

Hey, I’m getting back to work! Talk to you soon.


Nano 6 repairs = Success!

Hello everyone, sorry it’s been a few days since my last blog post. I was visiting friends in California for the last 4 days. . .one of which works at Apple. . .and went to her wedding reception. The awesome part about it was that she had an Apple cupcake dessert that was absolutely amazing. I will post pictures soon-

I wanted to write up a quick blog to let you know that we have released our latest service for the spectacular iPod nano 6. It’s a little fella, and we are starting to get repairs in daily. Here’s a shot of a nano with a cracked screen:

And here it is after repair from our service lab:

We have been in the business performing iPod repair for years, so this newest iPod nano 6 screen repair service just makes sense. Nano 6 iPod repairs at Mission Repair. . .spread the word!

Take care, Ryan

20% off, Open House and Ribbon Cutting at Mission Repair!

Ok folks we are in the countdown!! Mark you calendars – on September 30, 2010 starting at noon and ending at 2:00pm, we are having an open house and ribbon cutting ceremony here at Mission Repair to celebrate our new building and expanded service center. If you’ve ever been interested in seeing what makes Mission Repair “tick” this is a great opportunity to come on by, enter your name into our iPod give-away drawing and grab some free food in our huge breakroom that we’re going to have set up like a tiki bar.

As it stands, it looks like we’ve already got about 100 people that will be attending. We’ve got a lot of new businesses and some city officials coming down from the City of Olathe to participate in the festivities. We are open to the public, so stop on by, I’d love to meet you! Just stop on in and look for our employees wearing “I fix iPhones” shirts and say hello! We are also offering a whopping 20% off all walk-in and mail-in repairs on September 30th, 2010, only. The coupon code will be announced soon!

Directions to our facility are here.

Thanks, Ryan