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Well, if you didn’t see our previous post about winning a free iPod, this is a related blog-

Check out our Facebook page and our Mission Repair social store on Facebook. . .it’s linked to our site and automatically updates when we drop our prices and/or add new products. Visiting our Facebook page will keep you informed and you’ll learn there first what new services are added and relevant. Maybe you’re looking for something we don’t yet offer? Check out our Facebook fan site!

Visit our social store on FaceBook for the most current services offered!

The best part about it is that when you “like us on Facebook“, you’re automatically entered to win an iPod Touch with NO PURCHASE NECESSARY!

Thanks again, I’ll talk to ya later.


Still want that Protection Plan for your iPod, iPhone or iPad? They are now available again through Mission Repair!

Good afternoon folks, we’re now once again able to offer Protection Plans (they work like insurance) on your beloved device. All you need to do is click our Protect Me Plans link here and it will take you to our brand new partner site and you can sign up for the Protection Plan of your choice.

The nice thing about our new offerings? They cover loss and theft. Take a look around and try to find a better deal. It just doesn’t exist.

Protect Me Plans from Mission Repair. Just another way we differentiate ourselves from the competition.

I’ll be back soon with more great info! Best, Ryan

Need iPhone Repair in New York? Try Mission Repair!

It’s no secret. We’ve been in business for years and we have the best reputation, most ambition, best prices and highest level of customer service – I dare ya- give us a call during business hours and you’ll get a live person on the phone! Mission Repair is the leading Apple Service Center in the United States. Don’t take our word for it, we receive praise, awards and accolades from the top publications in the industry. We won the TopTenReviews Gold Award (their highest honor) for Best iPhone Repair Company. . .not once, but twice!

Mail in iPhone Repair

Whether you’re in San Jose, California looking for an iPad repair, or in Boston, Massachusetts searching for the best MacBook service provider look no further. We have stellar pricing, a full-time dedicated staff, a new facility that can accommodate huge volumes and a website that’s easy to use, functional and communicative. Let’s just say that we were born for this.

Need an iPod Repair in New York? How about an iPhone screen replacement in Texas? Live in California and want the MacBook Screen Repair? Mission Repair SERVES THE NATION!

I keep getting the question “When will we get another 10% coupon code?” Here’s the answer: check back this afternoon and I’ll have one up for ya. Remember, we were born for this 😉

Take care, Ryan

AT&T Maintains its Grip on the iPhone until 2012.

I normally don’t “re-press” news that I see on the internet – however I thought that this was interesting. I read in PCWorld a few minutes ago that Apple and AT&T have struck a deal THROUGH 2012. What happened to Verizon? Oh well. Hang in there Ver’ your chance will come.

I wish AT&T had better service. How about you? You know what I’d like? 4G mobile broadband service. Oops – I’ve said too much, we’ll be back VERY SOON with info on 4G mobile WIMAX broadband. Never heard of it? You will in a month.

OK, well there we have it. AT&T and Apple and the iPhone are on lock down for a couple more years. I guess I’ll let my contract renew and we’ll deal with the issues. Still better than NOT having an iPhone!


Mission Repair – expanding services to repair submarines!

Hello all- did you see one of the iPod-related headlines from this weekend? It read:

“It will cost taxpayers $87 million dollars to repair the damage done to a submarine that collided with another ship. According the report just issued by the Navy, the navigator was too busy listening to his iPod to notice the sub was headed for a collision. Shoes were kicked off, speakers had been wired up so the sailors could enjoy music, and “watchstanders” were busy catching some winks.”*

So it got me to thinking. Mission Repair repairs thousands of iPods, why not open up our line to help out the Navy? I wouldn’t mind a government contract 😉 Just check back soon to see our full line up of submarine repairs! We will have flat-rate Echo Sounder repair, Bow Plane alignment, Rudder service and in our blast shelter we will be offering complete Nuclear Reactor refurbishment. Flat-rates and shipping anywhere in the USA!

OK, OK, enough sarcasm for one blog. I guess I’m feeling a little punchy today- even though submarine repair will NOT be a reality here at Mission Repair, we will still continue to offer the absolute best iPod Repair services in the country. I mean, why mess with a good thing? We’ve got the process, manpower, pricing and customer service that the competitors can’t match. Give us a call to find out more. 1-866-638-8402.

Thanks everyone, happy Monday let’s get the week started!

*Courtesy of the “Crosstalk Blog