Mission Repair Thanksgiving Luncheon = Success!

Hello all, we had our traditional Mission Repair Thanksgiving Luncheon today … it was delicious! It was just what we needed before heading out for a long weekend of, well, eating 😉

I love these group get togethers and it’s a great time to learn about one another. For example, did you know that Neptune has 64 moons? I learned that today during lunch. You learn something new every day!

Have a great Thanksgiving break! Just to let you know, Mission Repair is closed Tomorrow and Friday but we’ll be back Saturday. . .see you then!

Take care, Ryan

Ok, so I haven’t posted a coupon code in a while.

I just got off the phone with a customer that has been watching the blog and finally pulled the trigger to send in a repair – all the while she was waiting for a coupon code to appear in the blog.

Listen, I never want to delay repairing your items! Thanks for the loyalty, I appreciate you waiting, but let’s issue a coupon code today.

If you’ve been waiting to have your iPod Repaired by the experts, wait no further. Maybe you’ve cracked your iPhone screen, or your MacBook has a shattered glass – we have technicians on hand, parts in stock, and the best warranties in the business. Well, you already know all that, you just want a discount!

USE COUPON CODE “BLOGGER” TO RECEIVE A 20% DISCOUNT ON ANY PART OR REPAIR SERVICE WE OFFER. This coupon will expire on Saturday, 9/24/11 at Midnight so get your order in today!

Have a good afternoon, Ryan

It’s parade season, and we have front row seats!

Hello all, it’s a wonderful morning here at Mission Repair. We’ve solidified our parade schedule, dressed up our Deuce and a Half, and we’re ready to hit the streets Saturday. Mission Repair is on the move!

We’ll be starting the parade events in Olathe, our hometown and our territory. Olathe puts on the Old Settlers Days starting today September 8th through Saturday the 10th. The 10th is the day of the parade and we’ll see you on the streets at 10:00am. You won’t be able to miss our entry:

Watch for the Deuce and grab some goodies!

I’ll be driving, and there will be 10 of us handing out candy, prizes and even a few t-shirts. Maybe you can get your very own Mission Repair frisbee 😉 We’ll be handing out coupon cards so everyone wins and we’ll be happy to answer questions or help after the parade. Should we do some repairs on-site? We’ll see!

I’ll be back soon with more parade info and showings in the area. Want us to participate in your event? Email us here and we’ll see how we can help!

Take care, Ryan

Does Mission Repair take credit cards?

Hello all, I just took a phone call from a customer that asked “Do you take credit cards?” While this seemed to be a silly question with an obvious answer, maybe it just needs to be clarified.


Not only do we take credit cards at Mission Repair, we DON’T charge credit card fees or give “cash discounts”. We’ve been taking credit cards from the very first day we started our business and it’s the best way for our customers to stay protected when purchasing online.

In addition to taking credit cards for payment, we take PAYPAL payments, cashier checks, local personal checks and cash. We prefer to only take cash when you visit our store directly, it’s not safe to send cash in the mail!

For our larger customers we even offer Net 30 terms and we offer instant Net 30 terms to all Schools and Government agencies.

I hope this helps. We are a company that offers a myriad of different ways to conduct business and we’re happy to help. Just give us a call at 866-638-8402 if you have any questions!

Best, Ryan

Exciting news and 15% off coupon code, this weekend only!

Good morning friends, I have 2 pieces of outstanding news today.

News #1
Let me give you a hint. . .we are expanding. This might sound like kind of a weak hint and can be taken as “vague”.

Well, since I do need to be a little vague for the time being, the fact of the matter is that Mission Repair will not change the way we do business as the leader in Nationwide mail-in iPhone repair and Macbook repair service, but very soon you’ll have the option to take your device to one of our new locations throughout the country for repair. You heard right. We’ll be in several new locations very soon. Stay tuned!

News #2
Additionally, we’re offering a 15% off coupon from now through Monday June 13, 2011. Theres just one thing that you need to do to get that coupon code, because I’m only offering it on our Facebook fan page. Just click here to see that page, and click the “like” button. From there you’ll see my post from today with the coupon code that you can use on any repair or part that we offer. We’re building our fan base fast, so ride the wave with us!

OK, I’m heading back to the tech room to get a few updates. Thanks for reading and I’ll be back soon with the final details of our expansions. I’m excited!

Best, Ryan

Visit our social store on Facebook!

Well, if you didn’t see our previous post about winning a free iPod, this is a related blog-

Check out our Facebook page and our Mission Repair social store on Facebook. . .it’s linked to our site and automatically updates when we drop our prices and/or add new products. Visiting our Facebook page will keep you informed and you’ll learn there first what new services are added and relevant. Maybe you’re looking for something we don’t yet offer? Check out our Facebook fan site!

Visit our social store on FaceBook for the most current services offered!

The best part about it is that when you “like us on Facebook“, you’re automatically entered to win an iPod Touch with NO PURCHASE NECESSARY!

Thanks again, I’ll talk to ya later.


Still want that Protection Plan for your iPod, iPhone or iPad? They are now available again through Mission Repair!

Good afternoon folks, we’re now once again able to offer Protection Plans (they work like insurance) on your beloved device. All you need to do is click our Protect Me Plans link here and it will take you to our brand new partner site and you can sign up for the Protection Plan of your choice.

The nice thing about our new offerings? They cover loss and theft. Take a look around and try to find a better deal. It just doesn’t exist.

Protect Me Plans from Mission Repair. Just another way we differentiate ourselves from the competition.

I’ll be back soon with more great info! Best, Ryan