Did you see the prices of NEW iPod Classics today?

Hello everyone,

It’s well known (to most) that Apple has discontinued the large-capacity iPod Classic devices; and there’s a mad rush and a little price gouging going on across the internet to obtain a new one.

Bidding wars have begun.  I'm not sure that I need a discontinued iPod this badly!

Bidding wars have begun. I’m not sure that I need a discontinued iPod this badly!

I just checked on eBay and new, sealed units are selling in the range of $500-$600 – on auction (see the image above). They are being bid up to that point. It would seem there’s still a market for 160GB of storage and a music player that does nothing else but play music (and a little bit of video). The biggest iPod Touch currently offers 64GB of storage room but nothing compares the the massive 160GB Classic. Add in the fact that the iPod Classic is one of the most important gadgets in the history of modern technology, and it’s perhaps unsurprising that people are rushing to grab one before it’s too late.

Frankly, I like the iCloud so I don’t need much storage space in my hand…but I can certainly see the value to some businesses (especially DJ’s) that like to carry their music with them wherever they go.

Have an Classic that you’d like to keep alive? I don’t blame you. We have a full service line of iPod Classic repairs that keeps customers in the music and we’ve been offering them since the first iPod Classic delivered to the first customer. And we aren’t doubling our prices either 😉 Let us know if we can help you out!

Take care, Ryan