Text us, we’re all about communication!

Hello everyone, this is another Mission Repair first- we’ve launched a text campaign for those of you that have a text enabled mobile phone. (Yeah, that’s our demographic!) Simply text “repair” to 72727. Go ahead, do it now, I’ll wait. . . . . . . . . .

OK- now that you’re signed up, you’ll find an immediate coupon code within a text sent to your cell phone. You can use this coupon when you checkout online or when you call in to our customer service center. Additionally, we’ll follow up with a monthly giveaway, even a brand new iPod Touch! Only those that are part of our text messaging campaign will be eligible to win these exclusive prizes from Mission Repair. Remember, you can opt out at ANY TIME by simply replying “STOP” and you’ll never receive a text from us again. But heck, we promise to keep them short and simple and to not bother you more that twice a month. We get it.

OK, there it is, another easy way to stay in touch with Mission Repair and another way to save some bucks when you shop our services.

Thanks, it’s been an unbelievably busy Monday here – it feels great to feel so wanted!

Best, Ryan

Lawrence Apple Users Group meeting was a success!

Hello everyone, it was a late night last night as we finished up our presentation at the Lawrence Apple Users Group Meeting that we asked to attend- as usual, I can take a short story and make it long, but the folks in attendance were absolutely awesome and posed a lot of good questions for Mission Repair. I entered the meeting with a rough draft of a plan, and ended up having a repair “contest” between two of my technicians (Jake and Brandon) to see which of them could fix an iPhone cracked glass the fastest. Brandon pulled out the victory.

Yup, that's me trying to keep my cool!

They lined up on a table and got to work. . .and as they were repairing, I spoke about the iPhone, iPad and Mission Repair. I felt pretty great about the meeting and had a wonderful time. It’s really nice to reach out to the public like that. I’ve personally been in the business since 1994 working on many Apple items and I know that there has to be something I can share πŸ˜‰ I still LOVE Apple’s products. I saw some old familiar faces and met many new ones. . .it was a success and I was able to add 30 or so emails to my newsletter list.

Rumor has it that some of the video from last night will be uploaded for everyone’s enjoyment. I’m looking forward to that and I’ll post it if I see it. Thanks to Dr. Dave for the invite, it was a blast.

Thanks everyone, Ryan

Mission Repair featured in Google Small Business Study!

Mission Repair and Google partnered together this year to talk about small business. Google picked us here at Mission Repair to be the Small Business representative for Kansas for this most recent study on how Google helps small businesses grow.

Just click on the picture then click the link “view and download” to see our discussion. While there are many businesses in Kansas, we caught Google’s attention and landed the top spot – subsequently, we were able to participate in this awesome interview! There were 50 businesses featured throughout the United States and we here at Mission Repair are gleaming with pride as Google’s top pick in the Sunflower State!

What does this mean? Well Google told us to “be ready for the press to call”. I’m waiting by the phone as we speak and ready to talk to everyone!!

Thanks again to Google and for all of our readership. Without you, none of our success would be possible.

Best, Ryan

Our Mission Repair Free iPhone App has launched!

Drum roll please. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Ta-da! And just like magic, we have an App (a free App I might add) on the iTunes App Store! Check it out here!

It's like iPhone insurance!

The wait is over and I get to relax for a few minutes. Our BRAND NEW iPhone and iPod Touch App is done, approved, released and available to the millions of iPhone and iPod Touch owners. We have been working like madmen over here at Mission Repair with our partners, MobileMotive, to perfect and fine tune our very own Protect Meβ„’ Protection Plans that the world has been waiting for.

Need a protection plan for your iPhone that covers a cracked glass? Look no further. Just pick a plan here and download our App. Did I mention that the App is APPROVED and on iTunes? Thanks Apple!!

Or maybe you’d like a little peace of mind with your iPod Touch. Not a problem, we have a lineup of plans available for iPod Touch as well. Check it out here!

I am SO excited for this program to get some steam behind it. Go ahead, download the App. It’s free, check it out, and leave us a comment! Try it out. There’s absolutely no obligation to buy anything- it’s just kinda fun.

Let me know what you think.

Best, Ryan

Breaking News: Pizza saved a man’s life.

It’s true. I saw it with my own eyes. Here’s how the story goes but let me set it up for you:

The “man”, Phil Esau, one of our resident iPhone Repair Experts, normally goes home for lunch as he lives very close to the office. Typically, just like every other Friday of the month, he would have left at about 11am to take his hour break to munch on some home made goodness. However last Friday was a little different. . .

We organized a company luncheon and I brought in a bunch of pizzas from our local delivery company.

So as the story progresses, it just so happened that Phil decided to stay at Mission Repair to eat pizza with the rest of the group. Concurrently, our local natural gas company, Atmos Energy, was making their rounds through Phil’s neighborhood and when they approached his house, they noticed a faint gas smell in the vicinity.

Upon further investigation and exploration the Atmos employee decides that there is some sort of major gas leak coming from Phil’s house! This is just crazy, and since there is no one home the only choice they have is to call the fire department to forcibly enter Phil’s house. Which they did.

The Olathe Fire Department smashed his front door in. During lunch, Phil received a call and rushed home to asses the damage.

There was in fact a leaking valve in the house. It had filled his house with gas, and had Phil made his way home for lunch at his usual 11am time slot, he would have entered like normal, flipped on a light switch, and the rest would be history.

It shall be known, that Phil “the luckiest man alive” was saved by pizza. It’s just the facts πŸ˜‰

OK, let me come down from the drama. This actually happened to Phil and he’s in the process of getting a new front door. He DOES feel lucky, and it was fortuitous that the gas man was walking by at the same time the leak started, and also that Phil did not come home at his normal lunch time. Phil, we’re glad to have you and your house intact!

In honor of Phil’s destiny unfolding before his eyes, we’re issuing a 15% off coupon to memorialize his big day. That’s right, 15% off any order between now and 3/15/10. Just enter coupon code “DESTINY” and it’ll remove that 15% off immediately. Just remember that this coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon!

Take care, Ryan