What is Labor Day at Mission Repair? Coupon inside!

Hello there everyone and happy Friday!

We are closing up a record month here at Mission Repair. We had another new employee start today on our production line. . .not only a record month in sales, but a record month in new employees starting. I always told myself that once I can’t remember everyone’s name, I know that we’ve made it big.

Well Adam started today so my “name memory” is still working fine 😉 I think that once we get to 50 employees I may start to become “forgetful”. I pride myself in knowing who’s-who and what’s-what in my business; but once I got over 30 employees I noticed myself losing grasp on a few things. It’s OK, that’s what my managers are for, right?!? I just have to learn to let go of certain tasks. It’s change that’s the hardest, but it’s also a ton of fun.

Speaking of employees, everyone is getting a well-deserved day off on Monday for Labor Day. You may ask: “What is Labor Day?”

Well there is an official definition that is something about a workers strike back in the 1800’s and it quickly became a National holiday soon thereafter. Others say that they recognize it merely as the beginning of the school year…or the official end of the summer. Of course it’s is typically the last day that the city pools are open for the year.

At Mission Repair, we celebrate it just like many other retailers and online businesses do – we have a sale!

So what can you expect from this amazing Labor Day weekend at Mission Repair? Firstly we will be open for business as usual Saturday and Sunday. Come on over to our service center and we will be happy to take care of you! We will be closed on Monday 9/3/12 so be sure to make note of that!!

Additionally, we are offering a whopping 20% every order placed this weekend online. That’s right. 20% off. That even includes 20% off of the shipping on your repair order. I dare you to try to find a better price on any of Mission Repair’s services. You won’t find it!

So if you’re in need of an iPad repair, iPod glass repair, iPhone fix or other Android Cell phone service. Click on over to the Mission Repair website and use coupon code “dayoff” for your 20% discount.

This offer runs Saturday (9/1/12), Sunday (9/2/12) and Monday (9/3/12) ONLY. Offer not good on orders placed any other dates and not good in conjunction with any other offer or discount. It’s simply amazing.

I’m back to the grind stone – that’s probably some sort of saying from the 1800’s as well. To me it means “Back to work Ryan”. I’ll talk to you again soon.

See ya, Ryan

The truth about iPhone 4G network!

Hello all, we were hit this weekend with the new iPhone iOS 5.1 – my son did the update immediately and ran down to show me that he now has 4G on his AT&T iPhone 4S. Yippie! He was thrilled and I was surprised. iPhone running 4G? Could it be true?

My son's iPhone after the iOS 5.1 update!

Apple has been questioned for not offering a device that runs on the nation’s fastest networks -until the recent announcement of the 4G LTE-capable iPad it unveiled last Wednesday. Most people may not know that the iPhone 4S is capable of running on AT&T’s HSPA+ network — a technology that AT&T and T-Mobile both use to advertise their “4G” devices. HSPA+ is essentially 3G technology that’s been enhanced to run speeds close to those of 4G networks, but still runs slower than either LTE or WiMax. I learned about this today, so it was even news to me and I think that I know a thing or two about the iPhone 😉

I’m sure the new label raised questions for AT&T customers that didn’t really know that the iPhone was a “4G” device. Until now, all we’ve seen is that cool little “3G” symbol at the top of our screen. Seeing 4G was a nice surprise.

There’s actually a lot of debate as to what, exactly constitutes 4G since the International Telecommunications Union relaxed its definition in Dec. 2010. Before then, none of the technologies in the United States — LTE, WiMax or HSPA+ — were considered fourth-generation cell networks. Now, they are.

So we ran a simple test with my black iPhone 4 (on the left) and a white iPhone 4S (on the right) to see which was faster loading our GotRepair.com Webpage in Safari. . .

As it turns out, my iPhone 4 was faster in all instances when we were surfing to several different sites than the iPhone 4S running in 4G mode- I cleared the cache on both phones, cleared the history, and of course turned off WiFi. Interesting to say the least.

Since this was a free, seemingly stealthy “overnight” upgrade – who’s going to complain? Well there’s a ton of debate on the internet right now about what is really going on – including rumors that it’s a typo in the code. Frankly, I personally don’t think that this was a mistake and I feel that we’re going to see a “real” iPhone with 4G before we know it!

Feel free to comment if you’ve got any other information to add about this topic!


It’s true, we’re expanding!

So we’ve been diligently working on our expansion here at Mission Repair and this is just a quick blog to let you know that the building is almost complete and our new call center should be open in January.

The number of telephone calls that we are receiving seems to be astounding!  As of 2:15 today we are caught up on calls and we get to take a small breather before they light up again!

Here’s a rendering of our new call center in action:

Ha!  Of course this is not a rendering of our new call center 😉 Actually, this is a picture of a 1926 Switchboard from somewhere in California and these ladies would answer the phone whenever you would dial “0” from a land line in their area.  They stayed busy, but I’d put up any one of our Mission Repair employees against them any day!  We know what busy feels like!

Our call center won’t have this many operators, however you do get a real live human being when you dial 866-638-8402 and THEN dial “0”.  Our phone system is highly advanced, it will keep you in the queue and all of our calls are answered in the order in which they are received.

Try it, I dare ya!

Talk to you soon, Ryan

Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Which to choose?

Hello all, the biggest shopping weekend of the year is approaching us! I’m gearing up for my own personal shopping extravaganza and have a feeling that I will be out among the masses early Friday morning.

A lot of people have been asking “are you going to have a coupon code for Black Friday?” The answer is YES!!!

Just use coupon “BFRIDAY” to receive 15% off of your order on BLACK FRIDAY ONLY, 11/25/11, midnight to midnight. This will work for any iPod repair, iPhone glass repair, or any other service that we offer, including parts! Don’t try to use it today, it won’t work today. . .it will only work for orders placed online on BLACK FRIDAY.

Additionally, we’ll have a CYBER MONDAY coupon code released early Monday Morning. This is going to be a fun one that everyone will enjoy, I promise.

OK, I’ll be back shortly with some pics of our annual Mission Repair Thanksgiving luncheon that is happening within the next hour. I can smell the ham roasting and the fixin’s brewing. Good thing there’s a ton of food for all of us. . .heck if you’re in the area stop by and I will fix you a plate. Just come in the front door at our Olathe location and ask for me.

I’ll be back soon, Ryan

Back to school and a coupon code!

How does a 15% off Back to School Special sound? The reason that I’m offering this now is because I just took my kids “back to school shopping” and it wasn’t cheap. I mean after the laundry list of supplies that we needed and the clothes and lunch money deposits, I wasn’t left with much in my wallet!

So in response to this money madness I’m going to spur the economy. . .We’re offering 15% off any iPod Repair, iPad Glass repair, MacBook upgrade or any other service that we offer now though August 21, 2011 at Midnight so don’t delay.

Just enter coupon code “DEUCE” to receive that 15% off starting immediately. I’ll be back soon with more awesome information!

Best, Ryan