Did you know that we repair logic boards?

Hi again everyone, I just got off the phone with a customer that asked “do you repair iPod logic boards?”

My answer is “YES”!! We are a repair company and we can repair logic boards. The logic board is the main board (also called mother board or the brain of each unit) and sometimes these boards can fail over time. They can even fail when a unit is dropped or if it comes in contact with water. We can surface mount solder or through-hole solder. Heck, a lot of the batteries in these “iDevices” are soldered on so your repair company needs to know how to do this! We have the diagnosing capabilities to resolve tons of unknown or nearly undetectable issues.

Why is this important?

Well there are other businesses out there that DON’T offer logic board repairs. This is a key ingredient to having a successful repair business because we can do it all. Don’t settle for less.

Not only can we repair iPod logic boards, we can repair iPhone, iPad, and any laptop computer logic board (this includes Windows based computer and Mac Laptops). If we can’t repair it, there’s NO CHARGE – because frankly there are times that the repair can be too entailed or the circuitry can be too fried or beyond repair, but we are up for the challenge.

So rest assured when you send your device to us, you have the full gamut of options and we’re on your side.

Thanks, Ryan

Back to school and a coupon code!

How does a 15% off Back to School Special sound? The reason that I’m offering this now is because I just took my kids “back to school shopping” and it wasn’t cheap. I mean after the laundry list of supplies that we needed and the clothes and lunch money deposits, I wasn’t left with much in my wallet!

So in response to this money madness I’m going to spur the economy. . .We’re offering 15% off any iPod Repair, iPad Glass repair, MacBook upgrade or any other service that we offer now though August 21, 2011 at Midnight so don’t delay.

Just enter coupon code “DEUCE” to receive that 15% off starting immediately. I’ll be back soon with more awesome information!

Best, Ryan

Exciting news and 15% off coupon code, this weekend only!

Good morning friends, I have 2 pieces of outstanding news today.

News #1
Let me give you a hint. . .we are expanding. This might sound like kind of a weak hint and can be taken as “vague”.

Well, since I do need to be a little vague for the time being, the fact of the matter is that Mission Repair will not change the way we do business as the leader in Nationwide mail-in iPhone repair and Macbook repair service, but very soon you’ll have the option to take your device to one of our new locations throughout the country for repair. You heard right. We’ll be in several new locations very soon. Stay tuned!

News #2
Additionally, we’re offering a 15% off coupon from now through Monday June 13, 2011. Theres just one thing that you need to do to get that coupon code, because I’m only offering it on our Facebook fan page. Just click here to see that page, and click the “like” button. From there you’ll see my post from today with the coupon code that you can use on any repair or part that we offer. We’re building our fan base fast, so ride the wave with us!

OK, I’m heading back to the tech room to get a few updates. Thanks for reading and I’ll be back soon with the final details of our expansions. I’m excited!

Best, Ryan

I fix iPhones!

Good afternoon everyone. . .we’re gearing up here at Mission Repair with a bunch of brand new professional videos that are currently in the works. We’ve contracted several new spots with our marketing company and landed Katie Green from the Live 105 morning show, “The No Name Show” which runs on the West Coast. I listened to Live 105 when I lived in the Bay Area and I’m thrilled to have landed Live 105’s resident rock chick to partner with us at Mission Repair. Stay tuned!

It’s no secret, we fix iPhones here at Mission Repair. You’ve got a lot to choose from when you search the internet for service providers, however we set ourselves apart with a few little details that our customers love.

1. We repair iPhone Cracked Glass the same day. Without doubt, this is our number one service and we’ll repair it the same day. If you walk into our shop (no appointment necessary) we’ll even fix it within an hour.

2. Our pricing is very competitive, and provided up front. At the time of this blog, we are the least expensive iPhone 4 Glass Repair service of it’s kind.

3. Our shipping is done via FedEx (the best in the business) and our return shipping is just $5 anywhere in the USA. Not “starting at $5”, it is $5. Yes, this includes Alaska and Hawaii.

4. We’ll give you a complete 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects. This means you’re covered. Want more? Ok…

5. We’ll give you our “Got Repair” benefits for FREE when you use our service. This means that if you ever drop or break your iPhone glass again, we’ll repair it again, as many times as you need. . .and for as long as you own the phone. . .under our “Got Repair” program.

Add all this up and what do you get? The most complete and comprehensive iPhone Repair Service Center on the planet. Need more information? Call us toll-free at 866-638-8402 and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Thanks, have a great night, Ryan

Whew – “Got Repair” is rocking!

OK, I’m coming up for a breath of air. We have been blasted with calls and press on our new program today. Thank you to everyone that’s been interested. We’re happy with the “Got Repair” program launch!

So what’s next for us? We are going to add more “Got Repair” benefits to more products on the Mission Repair website. It’s clear that’s what you want, so that’s what we will do.

So my webmaster and I pulled an all-nighter last night getting this program up and running. I will be heading out soon to grab a bite to eat and then lay my head on a pillow somewhere for a few hours. I will be back tomorrow with more fantastic news.

Want to know more about this amazing new program? We’d love to talk to you about it. Give us a call at 866-638-8402.

Thanks, Ryan