Take 6 months to pay for your repair and receive an extra $5 off!

Hello folks, we’ve been busy adding a few changes to our site and you’ll also notice a new banner on the top left of our homepage. . .

We’re partnering with Paypal to help market their amazing option called “Bill Me Later” – which means that you can have your device repaired NOW and not have to shell out the cash immediately to do so! There’s nothing like 6 months of interest free payments and this offer is available for orders over $99.

Additionally, for first-time users of this program Paypal is also taking $5 off of your order total. So let’s recap:

1. You use Mission Repair’s Services at already amazing prices – visit our website directly here.
2. Upon checkout, you choose “Paypal” and either sign up as a new paypal customer, or log into your Paypal account.
3. Choose the “Bill Me Later” option. Approval only takes a few seconds.
4. We ship your repaired device back to you, and you pay off your total invoice over the next 6 months, interest free!
5. You receive a $5 bonus from Paypal for being a first time customer!

It’s that easy and since we are moving into the Holiday season – who doesn’t need to save a few extra dollars this time of year – our new Paypal financing offer makes this a reality! Need more info? Just give us a call at 866-638-8402.

Best, Ryan

Dog tired – and a coupon code!

Good afternoon, it’s a fine cool Monday afternoon here at the Mission Repair service center – but as usual, Monday’s are lively! How was your weekend?

My wife was out of town, so it was up to me to keep the household up and running. In fact, she spent the weekend in Las Vegas with her 2 other girlfriends. Half of me wants to know about the trip – the other half doesn’t 😉

As she left on Friday morning, I was thinking “I have the whole house to myself and I can just sit and relax”. I was half right. I had the whole house to myself but for some reason I felt like I needed to jam up every free moment with activities. . .and I didn’t get much sleep.

Shhhh. Can’t you see that we are done chewing on the couch? 😉

By the time Sunday rolled around, at about 9:00pm I was done for – and so were my dogs. Here they are last night as I finally sat down to get my relaxation in before Dandra got home at Midnight. I included the dogs in my activities and after a long and active weekend we needed some down time! I vaguely remember her getting home late in the evening and we all got a good night’s rest.

So here we are already at 3:00pm on Monday afternoon and I’m ready to set up a new coupon at Mission Repair. From now until Friday 10/5/2012, you can get 15% off any repair order that we offer by using coupon code “dogtired” when you checkout online.

Have a good rest of the day!!

Best, Ryan

Another Labor Day weekend in the books!

Good morning everyone, we’ve got our working caps back on and we’re back in the groove here at Mission Repair. We all took a much needed day off yesterday but that always puts us in a bind because we’ve got to speed up production to make up for lost time. Sometimes I wonder if it makes sense to ever actually take a day off!

How was your weekend? I’m going to share a personal tidbit which may or may not interest you. . .but I adopted another dog this weekend. Shadow came home to us on Friday night, so it’s been a pretty fun weekend nevertheless 😉

Shadow is a rescued dog from an abusing family. In fact, the official report is that he was beaten with logging chains for a year until someone finally turned in his previous owner. He was on the docket to be destroyed. . .until a local German Shepherd Rescue team swooped in and brought him in. He’s from Pennsylvania, moved to a foster home for a month, then moved again to our house here in Kansas.

We’re going to fix him up and give him a loving home. This guy is super smart and is a soldier – he’s tough as nails but is a lovable goof ball at the same time. This entire weekend he stayed right next to me and I’ve taught him to “sit”, “stay”, “come”, and to “shake” on demand. Once I get him to repair an iPhone, I’ll know he’s something special.

Actually he is something special and I feel great being able to give him a good home. If you’d like to learn more about the rescue team that saved Shadow or if you’re interested in helping out, check out their website here. Careful, you may come home with a new puppy 😉

OK I’m going to check in with our sales department and I’ll be back soon with more good Mission Repair information!

Take care, Ryan

Mission Repair introduces the MyRewards program! It’s just free money.

Hello everyone!

We announced our dealer service program earlier this week and we have dubbed the dealer hotline at the office the “bat phone” – we are toying with the idea that when it rings a spotlight lights up the sky with a huge “M:R” on it! We have a dedicated line for our dealers, schools and large repair programs to call for specialized service in our dealer department.

Just finalized today, we added our brand new MyRewards program to our dealer page. After I got it done, formatted and installed I realized that I needed to extend this to ALL OF MY CUSTOMERS moving forward. That’s right, every customer that makes a purchase on the Mission Repair website will earn MyRewards points!

This means that when you place an order with us and once we ship your product, we will automatically drop 10 reward points in your account for every dollar spent at Mission Repair!!

MyRewards – easy as clicking this “redeem now” button for free money!

What good is this you might ask? Well, if you ever need a repair again or want to buy a part or an accessory you can redeem your reward points toward a future purchase. It’s easy – all you have to do it click a button, you’re automatically signed up – every customer that registers on our site is a part of the program, and it’s free money.

So our dealers will really enjoy this program because the more they spend the more they save. . .but as I realized that we have so many repeat customers I couldn’t hide the MyRewards program from anyone.

It’s just one more amazing feature about using Mission Repair. We’re the Intelligent Choice!

Take care, Ryan

DIY to the extreme. Anyone can do it!

Hello folks- I’ve been relishing in my work. . .are you a “Do-It-Yourselfer” like I am? Well our basement was totally unfinished until I got the “bug” and started on a massive 12 month project that nearly crippled me for life (that’s another story altogether but it has to do with 220 volts, bare feet, a metal chair and a therapist).

However, I love when a project is completed and I get to stand back and take a look. . .as part of my entire basement finishing process I laid ceramic tile over about 500 square feet of floor. It’s in the new bar/kitchen area that I designed with the same tile in the bathroom. Here’s the symbolic last piece of tile that I installed. Yes, those are my grungy hands. And I took this with my iPhone in my left hand. It was a momentous time in the project because laying tile is not easy work!

The last piece of tile feels great!

Did you know that we have Do-It-Yourself repair kits here at Mission Repair? That’s right, if you’re a breed like me then you like to tinker and enjoy the feeling of a job well done. You can always call the professionals if a project doesn’t work out – but I want to remind you that whether it’s a tile job or an iPhone repair, the Do-It-Yourself crowd commands a ton of respect.

If you’re thinking about it, give us a try. We’ve got a ton of parts in stock that can ship immediately. Don’t wait!

Take care, and happy repairing, Ryan

So we just answered a call at Mission Repair…

Good afternoon folks and Happy Wednesday!

One of my customer service reps sent me an iChat saying “I just took a call and the customer thanked me for answering the phone”.

I wanted to send up a quick blog because it seems that we get this all the time. In fact, I’ve even answered the phone and at times the customer will state “I’m giving you my business because you answered my call.”

Give us a try. 866-638-8402. When you’re looking for an iPhone service center, the least we can do is answer the phone for you, right? Well, as our phone system is set up, it always rings our call center (which we just expanded recently by the way) and you’ll always get a live person during normal business hours. Now, I have to admit that we have had a few exceptions recently. . .we only have a certain number of telephone lines that come into our building and if they are all full, they you may temporarily get a busy signal. This is being rectified as we are adding 12 more lines soon.

Other than that, I just want to say “you’re welcome” and you can always expect someone to answer your call here at Mission Repair. It’s just part of business.


Key West, Key Lime, and a Coupon!

So we headed to Key West recently with some friends and since we’re in “warm up” season around the country and you might want to start making vacation plans, I would highly recommend Key West as a fun place to visit. I had never been there before – but knew that it would prove to be a lively and warm place to hang out and sight see for a few days. The cool part is that we flew into Miami and drove into Key West over the bridges that connect the Florida keys. It was very cool!

As we moved along the route, my buddy Darrin was like a tour guide and pointed out the interesting spots along the way. “Don’t stray too far from the road”. I wondered why. “Gators will getcha”. Oh, we don’t have those in Kansas City!

Here’s a screenshot from the 1994 movie “True Lies” when the “blow up” occurred. The bridge that was blown up was an 80′ model of the 7 Mile Bridge. The old bridge (where they did the shot) was already “blown up”, when they opened the new bridge.

Here’s a picture that I took with my iPhone along the bridge to Key West, where the movie was filmed “after” the explosion:

So once again, if Key West comes up as a possible vacation destination (or if you get lucky enough to take a business meeting there!) I highly recommend the trip. Well that is if you like sun, blue water, shopping and fun. I’ll be going back.

So along with this little travel tidbit from “yours truly”, I’m also extending a coupon that is good for any iPod, iPhone, iPad or other service or part that we offer. This coupon is good now through 4/24/12. Use coupon code “KEYLIME” to receive 15% off your order. Then you can start saving for that vacation 😉

Take care, I’m dreaming of the beach. Ryan