Sorry it’s been so long, I promise I have a good excuse!

Hello all, it’s been a few days since my last blog, and I just got an email from a customer asking “where have you been?” I know I’m letting you down, but allow me to explain:

Let me start with a personal note – we got a new puppy. Not just any puppy though, this little girl was dumped by her owner, then caught in a trap for 3 days, all the while other dogs nipping and biting at her. We found her at a shelter, MOGS and this was something that I just had to do. She needed a good home and I’m not new to dogs, but I am new to German Shepherds. Additionally she’s a puppy at only about 12 weeks, so I’m a little sleepy from the late night dog walks and bathroom training. So firstly I’m a little tired and excited and happy about this new family member all at the same time!

Next, we’re opening up a new retail store here in Kansas City, Missouri. That’s right, our very first “real” retail store will be unveiled next week. We are just waiting for our signage to be installed and it’s going to look something like this mockup:

This has really been a time consumer to be honest. We’ve moved our entire computer division over to the new location (not to worry, we can still take laptop and computer repairs at our main, Olathe Repair Center) and things are starting to get into order.

We’re doing our best to keep the “move” seamless with our operations and it’s been a challenge. Nevertheless I’ve been through worse – many warehouse resets – many new division offerings – and many new endeavors that I wasn’t nearly as confident – and came through with ease.

So a little more work and a few more days and we’ll open the flood gates over at our 133rd and State Line location in Kansas City, Missouri. We’ve got 4 new employees staffed along with transplants from our Olathe location and we’re excited to bring the service you love to a location nearer to you.

What happens after this? Once we establish this location we’ve got the cogs spinning to open in other major metropolitan areas. Is Mission Repair coming to your city next? Just hang tight and see!

I’ll be back soon, Ryan

Ok, so I haven’t posted a coupon code in a while.

I just got off the phone with a customer that has been watching the blog and finally pulled the trigger to send in a repair – all the while she was waiting for a coupon code to appear in the blog.

Listen, I never want to delay repairing your items! Thanks for the loyalty, I appreciate you waiting, but let’s issue a coupon code today.

If you’ve been waiting to have your iPod Repaired by the experts, wait no further. Maybe you’ve cracked your iPhone screen, or your MacBook has a shattered glass – we have technicians on hand, parts in stock, and the best warranties in the business. Well, you already know all that, you just want a discount!

USE COUPON CODE “BLOGGER” TO RECEIVE A 20% DISCOUNT ON ANY PART OR REPAIR SERVICE WE OFFER. This coupon will expire on Saturday, 9/24/11 at Midnight so get your order in today!

Have a good afternoon, Ryan

Price drops on iPhone glass repairs!

This is my quick attempt to illustrate a price drop. Get it? Price drop? Ha, I’m so easily entertained. Give me a break my noodle is fried, it’s Friday afternoon and I’m ready for the weekend coming up. I want to watch some football and relax!

Well, this afternoon we’ve dropped the prices on our 3G iPhone Screen Repair and 3GS iPhone Screen Repair services and Do-It-Yourself iPhone Glass Repair kits. Why?

Well we just received another price decease from our vendors. This means we are passing on our price decreases to you. Many businesses would just keep the pricing the same to make more money. While this is a worthy idea, I like the thought of extended the price decrease to you, our customers, as an equally worthy cause. And that’s it!

Well, we’re going to be closing up in the next hour and we’ll be back on Monday. Until then, have a great weekend and I’ll talk to you next week!

Best, Ryan

Mission Repair has gone International!

Hello all-

We’ve been busy working on our site to bring yet another level of service to our customers. . .by now offering International Shipping. Many customers have requested this for years, and until now it’s just been too cumbersome and too much work to ship Internationally. Well thanks to the hard work of my team and our partnership with FedEx, we have the means and the automated capability with our servers to make shipping abroad a snap.

So why is it so easy? Well, since we’re a trusted FedEx Power Shipper we are pre-approved for International shipments and pre-cleared with customs. We’re also using electronic trade documents so there’s no more packet of “junk” on the outside of our shipments to get lost or misplaced. The package is clean, the shipment is clean, the customs clearance happens even before customs receives the package, and the item is delivered to your International location within a couple of days.

So, there you have it. Another Mission Repair feat. International shipping on iPod Repair Parts, iPhone Screens and Assemblies, MacBook Screens, and iPad glass. We want to share our ability with the world, and now we have.

Thanks. . .look for this news, well, in the news tomorrow. You heard it here first! – Ryan

Are these the hands of an iPhone technician?

This weekend I was hanging around the house watching some football- what a weekend of football it was! My goodness there are teams that I think are good then just prove they are not. Then there are teams that are bad, and continue to be bad. I guess it’s the way football goes. You just never know! Anyway. . .

My son Casey was hanging out on the couch with me (we got some good “couch time” together!) and I noticed his hands. . .

I put mine up to his and yes, it’s a perfect match. Are these the hands of a future iPhone Repair technician? I think maybe. Or maybe a future wide receiver for the NFL? I really don’t know yet, but at 13 years old he’s starting to surpass me. . .I can still beat him in a foot race, but something tells me he’s going to be taller than 6’3″. Oh yeah, we’re also wearing the same shoe size (size 12) and I clearly remember my feet still growing in high school. Hmm, is this a product of living in “corn-fed” Kansas? 😉

OK, moving on to business. . .look for us in the news. This week will mark some huge press for Mission Repair. Let me know what you think and keep your eyes open. Happy Holidays!