Excellent Customer service, it’s a reality at Mission Repair.

So I keep on touting about our customer service at Mission Repair and I’m always talking to my staff about providing good customer service.

This is how our customers feel after working with Mission Repair 😉

Scott stood out today as I got this email from a customer:

“Hello my name is Caleb and I wanted to brag on a customer service rep I just dealt with for the first time today. His name is Scott and he was the most helpful anyone has been in a long time for me dealing with orders. He was very kind and overall helpful. I’ve in the past few weeks dealt with some companies that I never will be dealing with again, Scott helped me get the individual part I needed that apple themselves wouldn’t help me with. He was fast, enjoyable to talk to, very personable and just all in all was a good customer service experience. Above all he was knowledgeable of what he could help me with and went above what others have. I felt comfortable placing my order and he gave me all the information I needed promptly. Five stars. Ill be doing business with your company in the future. -Caleb A”

Yeah Scott that’s how it’s done! Scott and I have been working together for years and as I told Caleb in my response to him, Scott believes in Mission Repair. When the employees believe, the rest is easy.

Have a great weekend everyone, Ryan

Are these the hands of an iPhone technician?

This weekend I was hanging around the house watching some football- what a weekend of football it was! My goodness there are teams that I think are good then just prove they are not. Then there are teams that are bad, and continue to be bad. I guess it’s the way football goes. You just never know! Anyway. . .

My son Casey was hanging out on the couch with me (we got some good “couch time” together!) and I noticed his hands. . .

I put mine up to his and yes, it’s a perfect match. Are these the hands of a future iPhone Repair technician? I think maybe. Or maybe a future wide receiver for the NFL? I really don’t know yet, but at 13 years old he’s starting to surpass me. . .I can still beat him in a foot race, but something tells me he’s going to be taller than 6’3″. Oh yeah, we’re also wearing the same shoe size (size 12) and I clearly remember my feet still growing in high school. Hmm, is this a product of living in “corn-fed” Kansas? 😉

OK, moving on to business. . .look for us in the news. This week will mark some huge press for Mission Repair. Let me know what you think and keep your eyes open. Happy Holidays!


Warehouse cleanup = 10% off your order until 10/31/10!

It’s Monday afternoon, and we’re completing the cleanup of one of our back warehouses. Dylan is busy tossing construction materials and old trash out in anticipation of business ramp up over the next couple of weeks. He just compiled a pallet of recyclables that will be picked up in a few days.

It’s no secret. We’re busy now but November and December are EXTREMELY busy here at Mission Repair. It’s now or never. Well, it’s not that bad, but it is BETTER to do any extraneous projects NOW rather than wait until next month. So here’s a shot of Dylan moving that pallet of recyclable material for pickup:

Dylan is our newest Mission Repair member (you can email him here!) and when he’s done, we should be able to store an additional few pallets of repairs in the back. It’s just what we need for the rush that’s about to hit. I love it!

Hey let’s add a new coupon today, just for reading my blog. . .10% off any repair or product, just use coupon code “dylan” to receive the discount online! This coupon will expire on 10/31/10 at midnight, so don’t wait too long to get your repair order placed with us at Mission Repair. Coincidentally, Dylan has until 10/31/10 to get that back room cleaned up!

Take care, Ryan

iPhone Protection Plans now on iTunes – Protect Me™ App.

It’s official! We announced our highly anticipated iPhone and iPod Touch Protect Me™ App. Now available immediately as a FREE download from iTunes.

You can simply purchase a Protection Plan Here, and then download our FREE Protect Me™ App to register the device. Or even download the App and check it out! Let me know what you think!!

The Protect Me™ App provides unique diagnostic tests and verification of your precious iPhone or iPod Touch then transmits the results to our Service Center. These Protection Plans include accidental glass breakage coverage – for a period of 1 or 2 years. The new program goes above and beyond the iPhone AppleCare extended warranty available from the manufacturer. While this exclusive Protection Plan is not iPhone insurance, it does cover accidental damage against screen breakage and extends the warranty on the device.

With the launch of our very own Protect Me™ Protection Plan App, we immediately began receiving positive feedback and downloads from all over the US. Our program has a 100 percent refund policy for the first 30 days, and we have been approved and fully backed by an established insurance company to give our customers even more peace of mind and confidence in the program.

Wanna know the best part? Customers that purchase the coverage also have the peace of mind that the skilled team of professionals at Mission Repair will make the necessary repairs onsite and it will not be outsourced to a different company. We handle all of the claims in house. I think that our customers appreciate knowing that their claims are handled by the best certified team available in the industry.

For more information on pricing and the coverage included in the Mission Repair iPhone Protection Plan Program, please visit our website at www.missionrepair.com.

Take care everyone, see ya tomorrow!


Mission Repair in the New York Times Today!

Yup, I got a chat from a friend saying that we were in the Times today! Pretty cool- it’s about iPhone repair, and in the article the author calls out Mission Repair touting our mail-order services. In addition, one of our affiliates, 3gcrackedglass.com also got a mention- good job over there guys!

You can read the article here: Mission Repair in the New York Times.

Remember, there’s a reason that we got top billing. Mission Repair received the top Gold Award for the Best iPhone Repair Site by toptenreviews.com, for 2009 AND 2010. That’s all we have to say 😉

Take care everyone. We’re working on our site to accommodate all of our new Protect Me™ Plans that are launching with our exclusive iPhone and iPod Touch App VERY soon!