Which Case Will Protect My Smartphone The Best?

There have been a numerous amount of times where a customer has come to pick up their repaired device and asked ‘Which case do you recommend so my phone’s screen won’t break again?’. Often times that question is followed by talks about brands such as Otterbox and Lifeproof. These cases are very sturdy and will protect your device well but there is always the chance that your screen will still break inside one of these cases. Yes, that’s right. We always have customers walk in with a cracked screen and tell us that it broke even with a Defender Otterbox case on it.

UAG Cases

Unfortunately, even the toughest cases can’t protect your device from EVERY circumstance. So my answer to ‘Which case do you recommend?’ just depends on what case you like and which one works for you. If you feel the Otterbox will better protect your device then go for it. If you would rather have a snap on case with a cool design, that’s great too.

So because we know your device is fragile and that accidents can happen Mission Repair is here to help!

We are the #1 Rated Repair Site for 6 years running and our Got Repair Program gives our customers lifetime peace of mind on their device. So whether you have used our services once, twice or 6 times we are here to do our best to repair any issue you may have with your iPod, smartphone, tablet or laptop!

Click here to learn more about our Got Repair Lifetime Warranty!

Have a great Tuesday,

I dropped my iPhone on the carpet and it broke!

Hello friends – we have heard this time and time again.

Can it be true? Dropping an iPhone on your living room rug can cause the screen to crack? I can remember my early Motorola phone that I would intentionally toss across the room – or on the ground – easily on a carpeted surface – and not have an issue.

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 12.03.45 PM-1

The fact is that it is true. If you drop an iPhone on carpet it can crack. I have not personally ever seen it, but since we’ve repaired almost a quarter of a million devices in the last 6 years, the sheer number of customers that have stated this is staggering.

What can be done about this? Firstly, keep your iPhone in a case. If you’re a purist like me, that’s going to be tough. I like the sleek and stylish look of the iPhone without a case engulfing it’s body, but if you’re accident prone the case just might save you a trip to our service center. The sad truth is that a case doesn’t guarantee your iPhone’s safety. That’s where Mission Repair can come in handy.

We are constantly running specials and coupon codes for customers to get their iPhones fixed quickly. So if you’re in the market because you’ve recently dropped your iPhone onto the family heirloom rug (or anywhere else) just give us a call. 866-639-8402. We’re here for you.

Take care, Ryan

Ryan’s world-famous meatball sandwiches.

Hello everyone, it’s been a long week but I can’t really believe that it’s Friday already and we are getting ready to close Mission Repair for the night!

I was home last weekend and decided to fire up the “meatball sandwich making machine” (that’s me) and whip up a batch of meatballs. I had family in town, so I was trying to impress…and it worked out!

Ryan's famous meatball sandwiches!

Ryan’s famous meatball sandwiches!

I know, you’re saying “Cheetos Puffs on the side? Come on Ryan”. Well it’s true, I’m a Cheetos fan and at the time it just went well together. I understand if it’s not for you.

The awesome part is that we’ve been eating leftovers for the last few days. Well it’s awesome until you just have enough marinara in your life πŸ˜‰ time to take a break from the heartburn.

These beauties are one of my specialties along with some amazing French toast. In fact, at one company breakfast a long time ago, I pulled out the meatball sandwiches and as a group we ate them for breakfast. Odd? Not at all. That was about 7 years ago and I still have employees talking about it!

What’s your specialty?

Have a great weekend! We will be out at the Gardner Fairgrounds this weekend running a booth for my other business, Mission Survivor. Stop on by and say hi!

Take care, Ryan

Sticky Stacks Syrup. FREE from Mission Repair!!

Well hello there everyone, we are knocking the blogs out today. This afternoon, I had a nice surprise when the owner of Sticky Stacks (located here in Kansas City) stopped by with some treats. He read my blog about pancake syrups and that I loved his product, the Sticky Stacks Peanut Butter Syrup that you might remember from a few weeks ago.

Now I have 3 cases of syrups on my desk- of course the Peanut Butter Syrup that I raved about πŸ˜‰ But also “S’more” and “Coffee Caramel Macchiato”. The Coffee syrup has The Roasterie Coffee in the bottle, I can’t wait to give it a try!

How would you feel about having a bottle of the “S’more” syrup out at the campsite with your Coleman grill and a campfire crackling in the background? Sounds pretty good to me!!

So now that I’ve met and gotten to know the owner Shawn Larson, and I have a huge supply of syrup on my desk, why not give away a few bottles to a few thrilled customers at Mission Repair? All you need to do is use a special coupon when you checkout. I’m only going to give away 10 bottles of syrup, so first come first served. And I’m going to pick between the 3 types so you’ll get what our shipping department gives ya…but heck it’s a FREE ITEM, just make sure to spread the word!!

So if you want to get yourself a FREE bottle of Sticky Stacks flavored syrup…add coupon code “YUMMY” to our next order. Remember that this coupon will only work for 10 people, so take advantage while you can!!

What does syrup and iPhone repair have in common? Not much. It’s more me helping out a new business owner get some steam behind his product. He was kind enough to bring me some presents, so I’m going to repay the favor and help his get some exposure, by giving away 10 bottles for him!!

Ok, that’s it, now I’m hungry for some waffles for some reason πŸ˜‰

Take care, Ryan

Mission Repair’s Superbowl Ads are a HUGE success!

Just a quick blog- I’ve been meaning to blog all day but the phones are LOADED with new customers!

We also had Fox 4 News at the office today and they did an extensive interview with me and filmed the business. Watch for us on Fox 4 News tonight at 5pm and 6pm!

Just another tidbit that I wanted to share with you about last night’s Superbowl:

β€œSuper Bowl XLVI is the most-watched television program in U.S. history and the highest-rated Super Bowl in 26 years, according to fast national data released today by The Nielsen Company.”

Mission Repair is PROUD to be part of the most-watched program in U.S. history, and we had 2 commercials! Add us to the history books!

Take care, Ryan