KCTV5 at Mission Repair Express Today!

Hello friends,

I just got finished with an interview with our local news crew about the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. The crew just left the building:


They were very concerned about the reports of the iPhone 6 Plus “bending” when you insert it into your pocket; which I guess to me sounds a little bit like a feasible situation. Put your phone into your pocket, sit on it, and it bends.

Apparently the issue may be more than that…and since we’ve seen the inside of the iPhone 6 (which doesn’t have much “structural” support like the iPhone 5S does) the plausibility of “bending” is there. We haven’t seen a bent iPhone 6 in our lab yet. Cracked screens, yes…bent phones, no.

Check us on on KCTV 5 today at 6:15, and you’ll see me trying to talk my way out of the iPhone 6 Plus bending issue 😉 Let’s see how they put this one together!

I’ll be back shortly with more info on the iPhone 6 Plus bending problem in a blog later today.

Take care, Ryan

World’s first cracked iPhone 6 – 10:19 am CST.

Hello friends,

I was just a matter of time…and with this newest release of the iPhone only took a couple of hours. It’s unfortunate for the customer without a doubt.

We got a call at 10:19 am this morning from a gentleman that waited all night to receive his iPhone 6. It’s a birthday present for his son. He showed it to his wife when he got into the parking lot and somehow – some way – the phone was dropped and the screen shattered in front of them.

Then they called us. Just breathe, there’s no reason to panic.


We are preparing for our iPhone 6 repair launch, but our supply of parts are not quite here yet. It’s Ok, if you happen to be one of the unlucky few that cracks a new iPhone today – give us a call at 866-638-8402 and we’ll make sure you get the best possible price on a repair shortly. The waiting list has started, and we will have you fixed up the first of next week.

Take care, Ryan