Now is the time to get that iPhone 5C screen replaced…

Good morning!

If you read my blog earlier about the iPhone 5 series of screens that are becoming high in demand, you might latch on to the fact that in a few weeks it may be impossible to get your iPhone 5, 5S, or 5C screen repaired quickly.

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This means that if you’re in the market to have one of these devices repaired, it would make sense to do it now rather than wait. There will be a shortage on screens available to ALL repair centers like Mission Repair, and since stock is still available – now is the time.

No, this is not some “false” information to get you to buy now. This is a tidbit to help our customers avoid LONG delays on iPhone 5, 5C and 5S screen repairs because once the Nationwide supply is gone it’ll be a few weeks before new screen inventory is available. I’m just trying to help.

Here at Mission repair we have several hundred iPhone 5C screens in stock, so for the immediate future there doesn’t appear to be any issue; but take it from me there’s an ominous feeling on “our side” of the fence when talking to supply vendors on these parts and everyone is getting nervous.

iPhone 5C Screen Repair – only $92 at Mission Repair!

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iPhone 5 series screen assemblies – in demand.

Hello friends,

It’s come to everyone’s attention in the repair industry that iPhone 5, 5C and 5S screens are in limited supply, and vendors have already started raising prices on some screens due to demand.

Let's play "What's in the box?"  With parts in high demand, sometimes our orders are short!

Let’s play “What’s in the box?” With parts in high demand, sometimes our orders are short!

In fact, there are some vendors that are already out of stock on popular items like the Black iPhone 5S; with no ETA on new inventory. This is apparently the result of the Apple production lines shutting down manufacturing of these parts, and with not a lot of stock on hand, the supplies are drying up quickly.

It’s easy to forget that we had a similar situation a couple of years back for the iPhone 4 lines of screens- and it takes the retooling and setup of a new production line in a different manufacturing plant to solve the issue. It was scary at the time, but we will be back at normal production rates – and probably lower prices – when the move is over.

So we may be in an iPhone 5/5C/5S screen drought here very soon; we will keep you posted with news and releases of parts as they come to us, but for the immediate future is seems that we will be OK. At Mission Repair we’ve done our best to grab inventory quickly and get stock on our shelves to attempt to ride out any shortages that may come about.

I’ll let you know more as we are made aware. Ryan