Good news for “older” iPhones! OS 9.2.1

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AppleInsider today reported that the iOS 9.2.1 update can potentially make iOS 9 a smoother experience for people with older iPhones, according to a new series of YouTube videos featuring side-by-side comparisons with devices running iOS 8.4.1.

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Although installing 9.2.1 still causes an iPhone 4S or 5 to boot slower, once in action the software can load apps as fast or faster than 8.4.1 in many circumstances, according to the article. Boot times are said to be speedier than 8.4.1 when running the software on an iPhone 5s, which was also the first iPhone with a 64-bit processor.

A consistent problem with iOS has been the tendency for devices as little as a year or two old to suddenly see slowdowns after upgrading to a new version. This is despite the fact that Apple will deliberately disable some processor-intensive features on older hardware.

A lawsuit filed last month accuses Apple of misleading customers with the claim that iOS 9 is compatible with devices ranging back to the iPhone 4S. In reality Apple is practicing planned obsolescence, the case charges, since people who update a 4S will take a performance hit but find themselves unable to downgrade to 8.4.1 or earlier — nudging them towards buying newer hardware.

We all know that these devices update and upgrade faster than our contracts allow, so unless you’re one of the few that just simply wants and can afford the newest piece of hardware every 6 months, you’ll want to extend the life of your “old” device for a long as possible to maximize your investment.  That’s where Mission Repair can help, so if you have a problem with your phone, we will be happy to take care of it for you.  If you want to upgrade your software, at least Apple is still helping some of the older units at the moment, enjoy!

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Egg ration? It’s a real thing.

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I was reading CNN Money this morning and noticed a headline about a Nationwide egg shortage that has reached the public. This apparently isn’t new news, but it’s new to me so I thought I’d start some conversation about it.

It’s an eggceptional situation that involves anyone that consumes eggs – and just to be clear, I’m talking about typical chicken eggs that you may eat for breakfast.

Cracked Egg 640

“The United States is facing a temporary disruption in the supply of eggs due to the Avian Flu,” a statement released last month said. “H-E-B (which operates some 350 supermarkets in the USA) is committed to ensuring families and households have access to eggs. The signs placed on our shelves last week are to deter commercial users from buying eggs in bulk.”

The news, as the grocer suggests, comes on the heels of what has been a devastating several months for egg farmers in the United States. Avian flu, which has proven lethal in other parts of the world, has spread throughout the United States like wildfire. Since April, when cases began spreading by the thousands each week, the virus has escalated to a point of national crisis.

As of this month, some 46 million chickens and turkeys have been affected, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Nearly 80 percent of those are egg-laying hens, a reality that has been crippling for the egg industry.

So I did a little research about products that consumers use that contain eggs, which would make sense may see a price increase as demand increases for the incredible, edible, egg.

Take a closer look at common egg-containing foods:

Meringue, custard, and marzipan
Egg or fat substitutes
Baked goods
Mixes and batters
Soup stocks
Sauces and dressings
Breaded foods
Processed meat products
Root beer, specialty coffee and alcoholic drinks

Nonfood products that may contain egg proteins include:

Finger paints
Flu vaccines

Eggs in Disguise. Read labels carefully and look for these words:

Words starting with “ova” or “ovo”

It’s just a little alarming to me because we eat eggs in the Arter household. In fact, my wife says that she fell in love with me because of my “cheesy eggs” 😉 Eggs are just as an important part of my life as my iPhone is…good thing is that it doesn’t appear that there will be an iPhone shortage anytime soon!

See you at breakfast, Ryan