Good news for “older” iPhones! OS 9.2.1

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AppleInsider today reported that the iOS 9.2.1 update can potentially make iOS 9 a smoother experience for people with older iPhones, according to a new series of YouTube videos featuring side-by-side comparisons with devices running iOS 8.4.1.

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Although installing 9.2.1 still causes an iPhone 4S or 5 to boot slower, once in action the software can load apps as fast or faster than 8.4.1 in many circumstances, according to the article. Boot times are said to be speedier than 8.4.1 when running the software on an iPhone 5s, which was also the first iPhone with a 64-bit processor.

A consistent problem with iOS has been the tendency for devices as little as a year or two old to suddenly see slowdowns after upgrading to a new version. This is despite the fact that Apple will deliberately disable some processor-intensive features on older hardware.

A lawsuit filed last month accuses Apple of misleading customers with the claim that iOS 9 is compatible with devices ranging back to the iPhone 4S. In reality Apple is practicing planned obsolescence, the case charges, since people who update a 4S will take a performance hit but find themselves unable to downgrade to 8.4.1 or earlier — nudging them towards buying newer hardware.

We all know that these devices update and upgrade faster than our contracts allow, so unless you’re one of the few that just simply wants and can afford the newest piece of hardware every 6 months, you’ll want to extend the life of your “old” device for a long as possible to maximize your investment.  That’s where Mission Repair can help, so if you have a problem with your phone, we will be happy to take care of it for you.  If you want to upgrade your software, at least Apple is still helping some of the older units at the moment, enjoy!

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Now is the time to get that iPhone 5C screen replaced…

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If you read my blog earlier about the iPhone 5 series of screens that are becoming high in demand, you might latch on to the fact that in a few weeks it may be impossible to get your iPhone 5, 5S, or 5C screen repaired quickly.

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This means that if you’re in the market to have one of these devices repaired, it would make sense to do it now rather than wait. There will be a shortage on screens available to ALL repair centers like Mission Repair, and since stock is still available – now is the time.

No, this is not some “false” information to get you to buy now. This is a tidbit to help our customers avoid LONG delays on iPhone 5, 5C and 5S screen repairs because once the Nationwide supply is gone it’ll be a few weeks before new screen inventory is available. I’m just trying to help.

Here at Mission repair we have several hundred iPhone 5C screens in stock, so for the immediate future there doesn’t appear to be any issue; but take it from me there’s an ominous feeling on “our side” of the fence when talking to supply vendors on these parts and everyone is getting nervous.

iPhone 5C Screen Repair – only $92 at Mission Repair!

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