Apple’s WWDC 2014 – what did you think?

Hello electronics gurus, did you get a chance to watch or hear about Apple’s announcements at their Worldwide Developer Conference yesterday?

In my opinion, you didn’t miss too much; I know that a lot of people were waiting to hear about the new 2014 iPhone release but you have to remember that Apple typically doesn’t announce new iPhones until later in the year.

They did talk about the new changes in their iOS; upgrading it to iOS 8 and their new computer system software dubbed “Yosemite” that are both geared and intended to link hand held devices and computers closer together.

Earlier this year, I was personally happy to see the iOS upgrade to version 7.1.1 and I really enjoy it. iOS 8 should be exciting as well. The Verge put together a good report on the conference here. I’m happy with the “Family Sharing” capability that will allow up to six people to share iTunes purchases including apps and music. Awesome!

Picture taken from MacRumors website - we'll have to wait and see what Apple brings us next!

Picture taken from MacRumors website – we’ll have to wait and see what Apple brings us next!

What can we expect in terms of a new iPhone this year? As usual the rumor mill is cranking out some good info, but there’s a lot of talk about a huge “Samsung like” screen that is 5.5″ to compete with the other “huge screen” Smartphones in the market. When will we know for sure? Check back with me sometime in September, I bet we’ll know then.

We here at Mission Repair are trying to get as much info as possible about this new iPhone and if we can gather anything of interest, you’ll hear it here first. Until then we will keep working on sourcing screens for this behemoth and be ready for it’s release. I know that we’ll have someone call us the first day they are released with a cracked glass – it never fails.

Any input on the WWDC? What did you think?

Take care, Ryan

Oh No! You Cracked Your iPhone 4S Screen?!?

Hello M:R Nation –

We use many words to describe the iPhone 4S, but the most prevlent word that comes to mind when discussing this device is “longevity”. Originally released in 2011, the iPhone 4S has seen many good years on the market and is still there to this day! It’s not often that Apple will sell something for this long and I believe the main reason for this is simply due to 1 factor… The iPhone 4S just works…

…Until it doesn’t and that’s where Mission Repair comes in!

iPhone 4S busted

It’s worth the repair!

We have been successfully completing iPhone 4S repairs since 2011 and are proud to still be supporting them after all this time! The main issue we see with the iPhone 4S is screen damage. Damage such as cracked glass, a broken LCD or even a malfunctioned touch screen. When you are experiencing issues like this and choose Mission Repair for your repair service, we will take the upmost care of your device all while fitting it with a brand new screen assembly!

Furthermore, the best part about using Mission Repair is actually 3 fold: Turnaround time, warranties and price! We offer the best in all 3 categories and strive to improve them on a daily basis!

So if you will give Mission Repair the honor and allow us to repair your beautiful device, let us help you get started. Give us a call at 866-638-8402 and we will get you set up! Can’t use your phone due to the broken screen? No problem, click here: iPhone 4S Repair! and get started on an online order right now!

Cheers, Troy

Winter Storm “Pax” – it can potentially affect all of us.

Hi there friends-

FedEx called ahead and picked up a little early last night from us here at Mission Repair– and it seemed a little odd because the winter weather here in Kansas City is moving out and will start warming up tomorrow and the rest of the week.

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 10.52.27 AM

Well, it finally made sense when I realized that it was their main Memphis hub that was really the cause for concern- and when I look at the weather online I can see that if you live in the South, now is the time to prepare for another disruptive, potentially crippling winter storm. Winter Storm Pax will bring a long swath of ice and snow across the South through midweek, and the ice may accumulate enough in some areas to knock out power for thousands of people and litter roads with fallen tree limbs and downed wires. Travel will become difficult, if not impossible, in the hardest-hit areas.

As we know all to well here at Mission Repair, when a city or region shuts down, it can cause a wide spread ripple effect of slowdowns, shutdown, traffic nightmares and possibly worse.

We understand, and we sympathize. We are doing our best here at Mission Repair to get devices repaired fast and get them shipped back out- especially to our customers that live in the path of the storm. We know that having your phone back in your hand during a weather emergency might be a comfort…that along with an extra pair of gloves and a beanie hat!

In any case, if you’re in the South hang tights friends – it’ll pass soon and I promise you’ll be back to warmer weather before you know it. Stay safe…

Take care, Ryan

iPhone Repair @ Mission Repair!

Hello M:R Nation –

I wanted to post a quick reminder about our iPhone price drop! We have had some very excited customers in the last week enjoy these brand new prices and I want to make sure that these prices reach as many eyes as possible. If you have been gun-shy about finally having your iPhone repaired, please take a look at these awesome prices before you decide to continue living with that awful crack!

iPhone 5S: Was $299 Now $209!

iPhone 5C: Was $229 Now $209!

iPhone 5: Was $134 Now $109!

iPhone 4S: Was $89 Now $69!

iPhone 4: Was $89 Now $69!

These prices are fixed and will not be raising anytime soon, so there is time to get that iPhone repaired, but why wait? From personal experience I know how annoying it is to limp along with an iPhone that can cause bodily harm at any moment. So please, give us a ring at 866-638-8402 and let us get you fixed up!

Cheers, Troy


iPhone 4S Screens Repairs – on sale!

Hello shoppers-

I’m back with a final blog of the evening announcing our lowest price to date on iPhone 4S screen repairs -black or white, it’s your choice. In fact, if you’re so inclined, you can have your cracked black screen swapped for a white one and vice versa if you’re so inclined! Why not? It might be time for a change anyway!

Call us now for the deal of a lifetime! 866-638-8402.

Call us now for the deal of a lifetime! 866-638-8402.

We’ve got a HUGE supply of iPhone 4S screens in our warehouse and I’d like to blow them out. My techs are going to love me for this one- but right now until Sunday of the week, you can have your iPhone 4S screen repaired for only $59. That’s $30 off our normal price and again if you get your order in before Sunday January 19th, 2014 you can use the following coupon codes to redeem this amazing offer:

  • For a black screen replacement click here and use coupon code “yes4s” when you checkout to receive your $30 credit.
  • For a white screen replacement click here and use coupon code “yes4s” when you checkout to receive your $30 credit.
  • Remember to order now and save big. This is an “exploding” offer and come Monday normal prices will be back to…well…normal.

    Thanks everyone, have a great night.