iPhone 6 is coming!

Hi friends, I read on Reuters.com that Apple is to unveil iPhone 6 in August of this year, which is earlier than expected.

According to the article, a 4.7-inch screen version of the iPhone 6 will reach stores in August, the Economic Daily News reported without specifying which markets would receive the phone first.


A 5.5-inch or 5.6-inch model will be released in September, as the iPhone 5 series was previously.

People involved in the supply chain had earlier confirmed to Reuters that there will be a 4.7-inch version of the iPhone 6 and a 5.5-inch version.

Together, the Economic Daily News said 80 million iPhone 6 handsets would be produced this year.

Industry watchers have said increasing the iPhone’s screen size from 4 inches would help Apple regain market share from competitors such as Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, who they say have responded to consumer desire for more screen size.
What’s you take on screen size? Usually as a human race is concerned, you always hear that bigger is better. I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII and and iPhone 5 and to be honest I just like the feel of the iPhone 5 compared to the Samsung – but that’s just one man’s opinion.

I don’t feel “neglected” or that I’m “missing out” with the smaller iPhone screen; but I’m sure that a “large” iPhone would sell like hotcakes. Everyone loves a hotcake without discrimination, right?!?

Well, rest assured that we here at Mission Repair are diligently working on obtaining iPhone 6 screens just as soon as humanly possible- because I already know that the first day they come out…we will get a call for a repair. It happens every time.

So stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted on the iPhone 6 release later this year. Until then, you can browse our iPhone repair section on our website if you’re interested. Have a great day!


It’s prom time, and Casey isn’t immune.

Hi friends, do you remember going to prom? I do…

Here’s my son Casey and his girlfriend at his Junior Prom last weekend, the pictures just came through on the prom website. Is he going to “love” that I posted this here on the Mission Repair blog? Nope. I will certainly hear about it tonight…but it’s not intended to make fun of him or to in any way demean the experience; my prom(s) were memorable and exciting!

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 3.54.08 PM

It’s that time of year – that time that the “tuxedo guys” are doing some great business and all of the hair stylists are booked up on the weekends.

So Casey, good job buddy – you’ve just made an excellent life memory. You will look back at this picture and laugh at your hair, or your tux, or your something else…I guarantee it. If I had the guts I’d post a picture of my 80’s Junior prom, but I don’t. I’ll keep that to myself but all I have to say is “mullet” and we’ll leave it at that!

So to honor all of the prom goers that are out there this month, we’re going to run a 15% coupon today through Easter Sunday 4/20/14 at Midnight on our Mission Repair website. Just use coupon code “casey” when checking out online or when calling in your order. If you walk into one of our locations, print this blog and hand it to your sales representative for an instant 15% savings on your new order. This coupon cannot be combined with any other coupon. You’re going to need that iPhone to take pictures!

Get that boutonnière ordered!

Take care, Ryan

So what’s happening today? I’m starting to get a little nervous.

Hello friends-

How are your public speaking skills? I pride myself on being able to hold my own, and I typically enjoy public speaking. I got an A in speech class in High School – Amador Valley High in Pleasanton, California class of “it’s a secret“!

I remember that my final speech – for the big grade – I talked about “werewolves”. Yes, that’s right. I thought that if I picked a topic that was fresh and new and maybe even slightly “odd” that it would keep my audiences’ attention and I would be off to a good start.

It worked.


In college, my topic was “motor oil” in my public speaking class which wasn’t nearly as exciting!

Today, I have been invited to a local High School here in the Kansas City area to give a motivational speech on “What it’s like to be an Entrepreneur”. I happily agreed and booked the spot several months ago. Well my speech is today and I’m going to be honest, I’m getting a little nervous. The teacher that I’ve been working with called me yesterday and said that the speech was moved from the library to the auditorium. That took the anxiety level up a few notches! “Do you want a podium?” She asked. I thought to myself “What am I going to do with a podium?” Ha! I think I’ll do better just walking around and improvising with the group. I’m hoping to get them to interact with me and understand that I’m an OK and non-intimidating guy.

Well, I’ll report back with some pictures and maybe even a snippet or two from the speech. Wish me luck, you know High School students will either love ya or hate ya. I’m hoping not to get eaten alive 😉 If I take the rest of the day off – don’t judge me.

Until then, have a great Tuesday and remember that Mission Repair is here to help. I’ll try to help these kids, and my business is here to try to help you.

Take care,


Today’s iPhone 4S Tid-Bit!!


Hello Fello Techies!

Just as promised I am back with my very first Tech Tid-Bit! As a repair technician I always find new and exciting things while fixing up all these gadgets and I feel like I have enough information to share to last a lifetime! For now I will just be sticking to what I found most interesting from the last week.

Well here it is. Repairing the wonderful iPhone 4S. For some of you this repair is very straight forward and easy to do. If you have never done a screen repair before I don’t recommend attempting it unless you have full knowledge of what you are doing. It can be very disheartening to damage the logic board or other components inside the unit. Needless to say no matter how good you think you may be at repairing the screen on this device there seems to be one small issue that simply puzzled me. I would power the unit up, test all the functions on the unit and WHAM! The sim card would not pick up any sort of signal. The iPhone continued to just say “Searching”. Thinking there may be an issue with the customer’s sim card, I went ahead and installed my very own sim card and it still would not work. “Uh-oh! What did I do? Did I ruin something? Surely not! I’m an expert! This could never happen to me!”

Searching iPhone
Sure enough, there happens to be a small software issue with the iPhone 4S that causes this issue when you unplug the battery from the logic board. Does it happen every time you ask? No it doesn’t. But when it does happen I have found a solution to get the logic board to recognize the sim card.

With the iPhone powered on go ahead and remove the sim card and sim card tray. Once the sim card has been removed go ahead and shut down the iPhone until it has completely powered down. After the phone has powered down go ahead and install the sim card/sim tray. When you have done this go ahead and power the iPhone back on. The iPhone will boot to the main screen and will continue for about 30 seconds to say “Searching”. After those short seconds of waiting you should be receiving full service and your carrier should be displayed in the top left corner.

Searching fixed iphone

After figuring this out my blood pressure sure did go down and I was able to breathe a sigh of relief. I’m sure some of you out there have had this issue and I’m sure you all were wondering what could have happened. I hope this little Tid Bit of knowledge will help some of you techies out there. If it doesn’t there certainly could be a bigger issue. If you have questions on this process and would like to talk to me directly feel free to shoot me an email at jake@missionrepair.com or give one of our great customer service reps a call at 866-638-8402. If we can’t help you over the phone we may ask to send your device to us here at Mission Repair and we get it handled in no time! 24hr turnaround time! Can’t beat that! See ya next week!

iPhone 4 Glass Replacement!

Hello M:R Nation –

The true test of greatness for a smartphone is someones willingness to keep that phone for as long as humanly possible. When faced with a new and “improved” model, discounts for a trade in and the slew of advertisements for replacing that old “clunker”, and you still insist on keeping your current phone, thats when you know  you have something good in your hands.

Here at Mission Repair, we have the ability to tell what smartphones will be rockstars and which ones will float away into nothingness. How can we tell? By what folks are sending in everyday for repair. Instead of replacing that old, broken smartphone, people are taking the repair route.  One phone that stands out among the rest is the iPhone 4!

We see more people holding on to the iPhone 4 more than any other model  that is out there and our theory to why, is 3 fold:

1. It is just a well designed and well working device!

2.  Apple continues to support it with software updates!

3 . It is inexpensive to repair!


iPhone 4 busted

Rockstar Status!

The most common issue we see with the iPhone 4 is without a doubt, a cracked screen. A cracked screen is a demoralizing issue and if not repaired, can further damage the internals of your phone or worse, slice your finger open 😦 .

Our iPhone 4 Front Glass Screen Repair (AT&T, Sprint & Verizon) – Black and iPhone 4 Front Glass Screen Repair (AT&T, Sprint & Verizon) – White services are second to none! with our awesome shipping options and the unique Got Repair benefit you receive with every service, Mission Repair is overwhelmingly the choice for your iPhone 4 screen repair! If you find yourself in the Kansas City area, you can even bring it to our facility and have it repaired while you wait in our front lobby!

If you have any questions on the iPhone Glass Screen Repair service or any of the other services we offer, give us a ring at 866-638-8402 and let the human on the other end help you out!

Cheers, Troy