3GS Glass repair only $49. Crazy stuff!

Hello all, we’re at it again! We’ve posted a new Deal of the Day and it’s our amazing lightning fast iPhone 3GS Glass Repair for only $49. That will include brand new parts and labor and we’ll make sure that you’re iPhone 3GS is fixed up right.

Are you wondering about the coupon code needed? Well there isn’t one, just order online and that amazing price will show up automatically!

Additionally, this service at this price comes with our unbeatable GOT REPAIR benefits that means if you ever drop or crack that glass again after we repair it. . .any time. . .or as many times as you might require. . .just call us back and we’ll repair that screen again under our Got Repair program. No other service center in the country offers this amazing deal, it’s the reason the Mission Repair is the intelligent choice.

Take are, Ryan

Sorry it’s been so long, I promise I have a good excuse!

Hello all, it’s been a few days since my last blog, and I just got an email from a customer asking “where have you been?” I know I’m letting you down, but allow me to explain:

Let me start with a personal note – we got a new puppy. Not just any puppy though, this little girl was dumped by her owner, then caught in a trap for 3 days, all the while other dogs nipping and biting at her. We found her at a shelter, MOGS and this was something that I just had to do. She needed a good home and I’m not new to dogs, but I am new to German Shepherds. Additionally she’s a puppy at only about 12 weeks, so I’m a little sleepy from the late night dog walks and bathroom training. So firstly I’m a little tired and excited and happy about this new family member all at the same time!

Next, we’re opening up a new retail store here in Kansas City, Missouri. That’s right, our very first “real” retail store will be unveiled next week. We are just waiting for our signage to be installed and it’s going to look something like this mockup:

This has really been a time consumer to be honest. We’ve moved our entire computer division over to the new location (not to worry, we can still take laptop and computer repairs at our main, Olathe Repair Center) and things are starting to get into order.

We’re doing our best to keep the “move” seamless with our operations and it’s been a challenge. Nevertheless I’ve been through worse – many warehouse resets – many new division offerings – and many new endeavors that I wasn’t nearly as confident – and came through with ease.

So a little more work and a few more days and we’ll open the flood gates over at our 133rd and State Line location in Kansas City, Missouri. We’ve got 4 new employees staffed along with transplants from our Olathe location and we’re excited to bring the service you love to a location nearer to you.

What happens after this? Once we establish this location we’ve got the cogs spinning to open in other major metropolitan areas. Is Mission Repair coming to your city next? Just hang tight and see!

I’ll be back soon, Ryan

Mission Repair and the “Got Repair” benefits just took another leap!

Hello all, good morning to you!

As you know we launched our “Got Repair” Lifetime Benefits in March of 2011 and that has taken our business to new successes and new markets with new customers – more than ever before! It’s just smart for our consumers! Learn more about our Got Repair program benefits here!

Well today we upgraded our www.gotrepair.com teaser landing page to be a full-fledged service website that is Powered by the Professionals at Mission Repair.

Check out the new site, place an order, take a look around and while you’re at it we’ll be giving 10% off any order that you place on Mission Repair or Got Repair from now until Sunday May 1, 2011. Just use coupon code “newsite” to receive your discount.

We answer the phone!

Hello all- it’s a slamming Monday morning here at Mission Repair and we’re keeping up. In fact, when it’s necessary I’m the “backup” telephone “answerer” – yes, even I am not above answering the phones here on the front line at the office. I mean, I know that when you need an iPhone repair, getting a voicemail isn’t going to do you any good! One of my employees took this pic of me today in my office – it’s proof 😉

Ryan Arter: The art of Customer Service!

So during this call, a customer told me that they called 2 other competitors and we were the only company to answer the phone. In fact, I had a great conversation with this customer who needed a 17″ MacBook Pro Glass Repair. Come to find out, we were $500 less than what they expected, we offer a 24 hour turnaround, and we offer same day pickup on their MacBook Pro in South Carolina. They were blown away.

Nothing has changed here at Mission Repair. It’s just the way we do business. If you find our customer service to be any different, I want to know about it!

Hey, thanks for reading, I’ll be back soon!


Have that iPhone repaired for Christmas!

Looking for a last minute gift idea? Ever thought about giving a “service” as a gift? We get this request all the time. Right now, my technicians are on top of their workload (thanks to a little overtime!) and we are still on track to get repairs done and back to our customers BEFORE Christmas!

This could be your BEST Christmas ever!

At Mission Repair, we perform services within 24 hours. This means that we can EASILY get your MacBook, iPod, iPhone, Cell phone and many other small electronic repairs done by Christmas. Why would you want to do this? Well, in these trying economic times, our services are more valuable than ever. Rather than buying a new device, you can have your broken one repaired to like new condition for a lot less than buying a replacement. It’s the name of the game!

We will deliver the repaired items right back to your doorstep by FedEx. (Not by the blonde in the picture, sorry fellas) 😉

All kidding aside, we are in your corner. Need your iPhone repair done fast? Come to Mission Repair!

Take care, Ryan