Why Mission Repair? Reason #1093.

Hello there, we know that you have choices when it comes to your repair provider and I will be sharing my “2,000 Reasons to Choose Mission Repair” intermingled with our other amazing blogs. Today’s reason:

Reason #1093 – we can print 20 shipping labels per second.

HIGH SPEED PRINTING! We have such a large volume of repair flow that we were forced to upgrade our shipping solutions and we made the decision to upgrade our printers to these amazingly fast Zebra ZM400 printers. In fact, we got 4 of them to keep up with our demands. These are heavy duty printers that can give us up to 3,000 labels/day – each. OK, we are not shipping 12,000 iPhone packages per day, but it’s on my list of “to-do’s” within my life accomplishments!

We are always trying to improve our processes and speed to keep up with the demand of our customers. It’s what separates us from our competition – if you want to call it that 😉

There you have it. It’s all about efficiency and technology, and Mission Repair is geared for both. Thanks for reading!

Best, Ryan

As promised – “ACTION!”

Hello folks, did you see us last week on the air live?

Want to see how the best repair enter in the country (That’s us at Mission Repair) can repair an iPhone? It’s here live in our segment that aired on NBC!

Guess what? We have been invited to run 6 more of these spots over the next couple of months so stay tuned to that TV, I’ll be bringing more great live entertainment (and a few surprises) soon!

Thanks, Ryan

Wow. Let’s drop some prices together.

Hello there folks, we’re at it again.

We’ve evaluated our pricing once again on our iPhone Glass Repairs and we are happy to announce an amazing price new price that is effective immediately with NO COUPON CODE NECESSARY- 24 hour service, we’re in your corner.

iPhone 3G Glass Repairs are now just $29!

We have secured a HUGE lot of replacement glass assemblies- these are hot off the manufacturing line and carry a full 1 year manufacturers warranty on the part and labor. Additionally, when you have your glass repaired with us and if you ever crack or break it again anytime in the future, and as many times as you break it – hopefully you have a little control 😉 you’ll never pay $29 again because our Got Repair benefits kick in on those future repairs. Yeah, we will automatically include you on the Got Repair benefits too!

Add $5.50 for return shipping ANYWHERE IN THE USA and it makes it an easy decision. Need us to pick up your phone from your location? We will do that too! Set up your order and we will email you a pickup label immediately or even send out the appropriate packaging overnight!

Why is this blog and price so amazing? It’s because we won’t be beat. We always try to pass on price savings to our customers and we strive to keep our reputation and business on the top of the market.


Take care, Ryan

New Year Resolutions!

Good day folks, I was just sitting here in my office planning the rest of the week out and noticed that it’s almost 2012. Yikes! Time flies when you’re having fun.

So have you been thinking about your New Years Resolutions?

If you’re stumped, just print this list out and carry it with you. It’s a NO FAIL way to have a happy and productive 2012:

1. Exercise more. I know that this is a common one, but it’s truly the key to a better life.
2. Learn something new. Try it, it’s fun to take up a new hobby or acquire a skill that you never had, even if it seems simple or pointless.
3. Drink more water. I’m not kidding with you, drink more water and it doesn’t matter how much you’re drinking now.
4. Have that iPhone repaired. You’ve been using it cracked for some time now, give Mission Repair a call and have it taken care of!

So there you have it- the keys to a happy 2012. Do you have something that I should add to this list? Just let me know!

Thanks, but seriously have a great New Year Holiday this weekend.

Best, Ryan

4 years in a row? We’ve got to be doing something right!

Hello all, it’s the middle of Cyber Monday. Our phones are ringing off the hook. We’ve had the lines lit up all morning and we’re actually truly just getting started. I’m in love with it and Mission Repair is rocking!

Amidst all the activity, I was informed today that we have done it again. The Mission Repair website has won the GOLD AWARD (top honors) on the independent TopTenREVIEWS website for the 4th year in a row and is recognized as the Best iPhone Repair Website on the internet! You can read the independent review here!

This is not an easy task. Just take a look at their criteria, and we’re judged on:

Website Format
Customer Service
Turnaround Time
Shipping Options

We made top honors in all categories! In fact we made top honors among ALL OTHER REPAIR WEBSITES on the internet. The great part about this review is that we didn’t do anything special to persuade it – we do all of these things well every day, for every customer. We can talk about ourselves all day long but it’s these kind of reviews that are our real report card. . .

As I write this blog the phones lines continue to stack up. I’m going to assist with a few calls maybe it’s you on the line now 😉 Please hold, I’ll be right there.

Take care, Ryan